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"The Center allows us an avenue for engaging an emerging and innovative eBusiness community."

John Patrick, Vice President, Internet Technology, IBM Corporation (Retired)

Programs and Pub Talks* 2002

This page contains all of our programs listed in chronological order. These include Think Tank Sessions, Executive Briefings, Working Groups, Roundtable Discussions, Interactive Panel Discussions, Symposia, Challenge-the-Expert Programs and Pub Talks*.
*Pub Talks are delineated with an asterisk.
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December 2, 2002, Think Tank Session
"Continued Discontinuous Technologies on the Software Horizon"

*November 7, 2002
"Building Reliable Web Services"
By Mr. Frank Cohen, Founder of PushToTest & Member, Technology Council, Silicon Valley World Internet Center

October 24th, Think Tank Session
"Practical Mobility: Creating Reactive Supply Networks"

*October 3, 2002
"Can You Really Manage Your Business Performance? Yes You Can!"
By Mr. John Kopcke, Chief Technology Officer, Hyperion Solutions Corporation

October 2, 2002, Think Tank Session:
"Business Applications and the Future of Web Services"

September 27, 2002 Working Group Session:
"Are Customers Making Sense Of Information Integration? A Reality Check With UPS"
Presented by Mr. Jeff Enyart, Director, Electronic Commerce &
Mr. Ken Frederick, Strategic Alliances Manager, United Parcel Service (UPS)

September 25, 2002, Think Tank Session:
"Business Applications and the Future of Web Services"

*August 22, 2002
"The Tablet PC Initiative And What It Means"
By. Mr. Tom Bernhard, Director, New Technology and Applications, Fujitsu PC Corporation

September 12, 2002, Technology Demo
The Unveiling of the Tablet PC"
By Mr. Tom Bernhard, Director, New Technology and Applications, Fujitsu PC Corporation

*August 15, 2002
"Sustaining Telecom Innovation With New Partnership Engines"
By Mr. Gabriel Sidhom, Vice President, Business Development & Alliances, France Telecom Research & Development, LLC

August 14, 2002, Challenge-The-Expert:
"Collaborative Commerce: Strategies, Architectures & Implementation Roadmaps"
By Dr. Rod Heisterberg, Managing Partner, Rod Heisterberg Associates

*August 8, 2002
"Practical Mobility"
By. Mr. Dean L. Frew, Managing Director, Mobile Enterprise Practice, Incucomm Consulting

*August 1, 2002
"Biz Ink's Buzz On Business"
By Mr. Dennis Taylor, Managing Editor; Mr. Steve Tanner, Technology & Lifestyles Reporter; Ms. Rhonda Ascierto, Technology Reporter; & Mr. Kevin Ferguson, Technology & Finance Reporter, Silicon Valley Business Ink

*July 25, 2002
"Let's Talk About Voice!"
By Mr. Rene Rodriguez, Business Development Manager, Voice Center, SAP Labs, Inc.

July 24, 2002, Working Group Session:
"Decision Making in the Realtime Enterprise"
Led by Dr. Rod Heisterberg, Managing Partner, Rod Heisterberg Associates

*July 18, 2002
"The Newest Faces at Cable & Wireless: Exodus & Digital Island"
By Mr. David Greene, Vice President, Market Development, Exodus, A Cable & Wireless Service

July 18, 2002, Executive Briefing:
"Convergence: Strategic Alliances with Proven Results"
By Mr. Mike Paley, Convergence Specialist, Global Solutions Team, Cable & Wireless
By Mr. Alvin Da Costa, Channel Systems Engineer, Cisco Systems, Inc.

July 17, 2002 Executive Seminar:
"Survival Strategies: Converging Resources To Create & Retain Customer Value"
By Mr. Niles Morton, Vice President of Indirect Channels, Cable & Wireless &
By Mr. Rick Ellinger, Venture Partner, Osprey Ventures, LP

*July 11, 2002
"Threading the Needle at 100 mph: Dynamic Business Steering & Financial Management"
By Mr. Doug Barton, Vice President of Marketing, Closedloop Solutions, Inc.

*July 4, 2002
In observance of Independence Day, there will be NO Pub on Thursday, July 4th.

*June 27, 2002
"A Practical Solution To The Challenges Of Mobile Access"
By Mr. Adam Cheyer, Vice President of Engineering, Dejima, Inc.

June 25, 2002 Executive Seminar:
"Winning With Limited Marketing Resources: Maximizing The True Cost Of Marketing (TCM)"
By Mr. Ross Halleck, President, Halleck &
By Mr. Ian Cheeseman, President, LVA Corporate Communications

*June 20, 2002
"Collaborative Commerce (cCommerce): The Next Stage of eBusiness"
By Dr. Rodney J. Heisterberg, Managing Partner, Rod Heisterberg Associates

June 18, 2002 Interactive Panel Discussion:
"The Future Of Biotech: Managing Clinical Trials In The Internet Economy"

*June 13, 2002
"Digital Rights Management (DRM), Standards, and Interoperability"
By Mr. Rajan Samtani, Director, Sales & Marketing, ContentGuard, Inc.

*June 6, 2002
"Don't Miss The Women! You Will Miss The Future!"
By Ms. Gloria Montano, Director, Virtual Development Center (VDC), Institute for Women and Technology

*May 30, 2002
In observance of memorial Day, there will be no Pub Talk on Thursday, May 30, 2002.

*May 23, 2002
"Revolutionizing Late Stage Clinical Trials: The 1747, Inc. Direct-To-Participant Method"
By Dr. Naomi Fried, General Manager & Vice President of Business Development, 1747, Inc.

May 22, 2002 Working Group Session:
"Business Rules In Mapping"

*May 16, 2002
"802.11 'THE' Hotspot"
By Mr. Arturo Pereyra, Co-Founder & General Manager, WiFi Metro

*May 9, 2002
"SSh Secure Shell for Wireline and Wireless Environments"
By Mr. Ivan Wallis, Security Applications Engineer, SSH Communications Security, Inc.

May 8, 2002 Working Group Session:
"The Challenge For Biotech: Shaping The Future Of Clinical Trials"

*May 2, 2002
"Sniffing Packets To Protect Your 802.11 Network"
By Mr. Brian Mansfield, Founder & Chief Wireless Consultant, The Mansfield Group, LLC

*April 25, 2002
"Data Integration: The Gateway To Life Science Data And 'In-Silico' Drug Discovery"
By Mr. Jeff Edwards, President & Chief Operating Officer, geneticXchange

*April 18, 2002
"For Better Or Worse. . . PowerPoint Is The Language Of Business: Some Tips On Using It To Your Advantage"
By Mr. Ross Halleck, Founder & Chief Executive Officer & Mr. Wayne Wright, Associate Creative Director, Halleck

*April 11, 2002
"Application Routing With NetZyme Software Infrastructure"
By Mrs. Maria Nilva, Cofounder& Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Leonid Nilva, Cofounder& Chief Technology Officer, Creative Science Systems, Inc.; & Mr. Patrick Gilmartin, AKA Ventures

*April 4, 2002
"Biz Ink's Buzz On Business"
By Mr. Dennis Taylor, Managing Editor; Ms. Christina Bellantoni, Tech & Finance Reporter; & Mr. Erik Linden, Tech Reporter, Silicon Valley Business Ink

*March 28, 2002
"Handwritten Signatures: What is the Relevance Today In An eWorld?"
By Mr. Collin Bruce, Director, Strategic Accounts, Communication Intelligence Corporation

*March 21, 2002
"Enabling The Real-Time Enterprise"
By Mr. Jeff Frick, Director, Global Accenture Alliance, Asera, Inc.

March 19, 2002 Working Group Session:
"Models & Taxonomies"

*March 14, 2002
"High Volume Web Site Performance For WebSphere"
By Mr. Noshir C. Wadia, Senior Technical Staff Member, High Volume Web Sites, Software Group, IBM Corporation

March 13, 2002 Think Tank Session:
"Tell Me Where It Hurts: A Check-Up For Health Care Business Needs"

*March 7, 2002
"Opportunities In Streaming Media"
By Mr. Karl Dahlin, Vice President of Business Development, Roo Networks

*February 28, 2002
"Nokia BIG-IP iTCM Solutions: Application Availability And Performance"
By Mr. Abhinav Bisarya, Product Marketing Manager, Nokia Internet Communications

*February 21, 2002
"Business Implications Of Pervasive Computing"
By Mr. Brock Hinzmann, Technology Navigator, SRI Consulting Business Intelligence, Inc. (SRIC-BI)

February 20, 2002 Challenge-The-Expert:
"Business Continuity Strategies: An IBM Perspective"
By Mr. Todd F. Gordon, Vice President and General Manager,
IBM Business Continuity and Recovery Services, IBM Global Services

*February 14, 2002
No Pub due to Valentine's Day, there will NOT be a Pub this week. Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14, 2002 Working Group Session:
"Data To Cash: Feedback Loop For Business Decisions"

February 13, 2002 Challenge-The-Expert:
"The Importance Of Extranets For Your Business"
By Mr. Deane McIntyre, Director, Enterprise Online Channel, e-Enablement Team, Cable & Wireless

*February 7, 2002
"Life Sciences And eBusiness: An IBM Perspective"
By Dr. Prasad Kodali, Worldwide Technical Program Manager of Life Sciences DiscoveryLink Solution, IBM Corporation

February 7, 2002 Executive Briefing:
"IBM's Life Sciences DiscoveryLink Solution & eBusiness: An Overview And Possible Partnering Opportunities With IBM"
By Mr. Prasad Kodali, Worldwide Technical Program Manager of Life Sciences DiscoveryLink Solution, IBM Corporation

*January 31, 2002
"Just Say It! An Integrated Voice Services Platform"
By Dr. Peter D. Olson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Voice Access Technologies, Inc.

*January 24, 2002
"Launch Into The New Year!: Welcome Halleck As The Center's Newest Knowledge Network Partner"
By Dr. Susan Duggan, Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Valley World Internet Center

January 22, 2002 Executive Seminar:
"Converting Brand Equity Into Shareholder Value"
By Mr. Don Presson, President, IC Growth, Inc. &

By Mr. Ross Halleck, Chief Executive Officer, Halleck

January 15, 2002 Challenge-The-Expert:
"IBM's Portal Strategy: Portal Website Directions & Partnering Opportunities"
By Mr. Larry Bowden, Vice President, e-Portal Solutions, IBM Corporation