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Pub Talk

"Sniffing Packets To Protect Your 802.11 Network"


By Mr. Brian Mansfield
Founder & Chief Wireless Consultant
The Mansfield Group, LLC

Open to the Public. No fee. 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
The Pub Talk begins at 6:00 p.m.

Security vulnerabilities inherent within 802.11 networks are well documented. Hardware manufacturers, software vendors, and standards groups are moving quickly to solve these issues. 802.1x authentication, AES encryption, TKIP, MIC, and EAP-TLS are just some of the security fixes companies are deploying in order to safeguard their 802.11 networks. WLAN sniffers and 802.11 protocol analyzers represent important tools that help mitigate security breaches against wireless LANs.

At this Pub, Mr. Mansfield will discuss the progress being made in WLAN security, the solutions being deployed in the marketplace, and the wireless LAN sniffer and protocol analyzer programs. Mr. Mansfield will also give a demo of the packet sniffing programs. Those who attend the Pub will benefit by receiving a special code for a reduced fee for the May 16th Wireless LAN Security Workshop in Burlingame (further information below).

Brian Mansfield is Founder and Chief Wireless Consultant for The Mansfield Group, LLC. With ten years of product management experience, he helps companies identify and deploy effective security solutions for 802.11 networks. A graduate of the University of Illinois, birthplace of the Mosaic browser, Mr. Mansfield is an Internet pioneer who first started developing Web services in 1993. An active participant in the IETF's EAP-TLS and Security Area Advisory Work Groups, Mr. Mansfield closely monitors the evolving 802.11 security standards under development by the IEEE's Task Group I.

The Mansfield Group, LLC is a Silicon Valley-based wireless security and hi-tech consulting firm. The Mansfield Group provides wireless LAN security and integration services for the education, government, and business sectors. With the proliferation of 802.11 networking, The Mansfield Group helps companies protect private data and secure access to their WLANs. Recent projects have included consumer pilot programs testing 802.11 home networking and security services for Cisco Systems, Invensys, and General Motors. Other companies that The Mansfield Group has provided services to include Panasonic and the California Department of Transportation, among others. In addition to integration services, The Mansfield Group conducts wireless LAN & 802.11 security workshops for wireless and IT professionals. These workshops provide in-depth training and a live lab instruction for deploying 802.11 security solutions.