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Executive Seminar

"Converting Brand Equity Into Shareholder Value"

Part of a Seminar Series on "Growing Intellectual Capital Assets---A Revolution in Management"


By Mr. Don Presson
IC Growth, Inc.
By Mr. Ross Halleck
Chief Executive Officer

Invitation-only. 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

Value today is created primarily from the growth of an organization's intellectual capital assets (ICAs). Yet, management methodologies around ICAs have evolved slowly. In conjunction with IC Growth, the Center is offering a Seminar Series "Growing Intellectual Capital Assets---A Revolution in Management," focused on converting ICAs to shareholder value. The Seminar Series will cover intellectual capital assets, including intellectual property, customer capital, organizational capital, and branding.

The first Seminar on January 22 focuses on branding as an intellectual capital asset. It will be presented by Halleck Inc., Silicon Valley's preeminent creative services agency that works with companies to build lasting brand relationships with their customers, along with I.C. Growth.

In the latter part of the last century, intangible assets became responsible for creating more value than tangible assets in the overall economy. During the era, however, "Brand Building" developed an unfortunate association with "Burn Rate." In truth, when considering real companies that provide real value to their constituents, brand equity can be demonstrated to enhance shareholder value measurably.

Brand is ultimately the price someone is willing to pay for a good or service over and above the price with no brand. Every organization, from its initial beginnings to a mature multi-billion dollar enterprise, must develop a brand strategy.

Key benefits of this seminar include:

• How a Brand Strategy is instrumental to managing intangible assets;

• How Brand Strategy can be converted into an intellectual capital asset called brand equity; and

• How to grow brand equity and measure its impact on shareholder value.

This invitation-only seminar is intended for senior executives in both management and marketing who are responsible for delivering increasing value to their shareholders, employees, and customers. For further information on this program, contact:
Dr. Venilde Jeronimo
Director of Programs