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Working Group Session

"Are Customers Making Sense Of Information Integration? A Reality Check With UPS"


Fifth Session of a Working Group on "Dynamic Information Integration"

Presented by Mr. Jeff Enyart, Director, Electronic Commerce, United Parcel Service (UPS) &
Mr. Ken Frederick, Strategic Alliances Manager, United Parcel Service (UPS)

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Invitation-only. 1:00 to 3:30 p.m.

As a result of a series of programs during fall 2001, the Center is hosting a Working Group during 2002 on "Dynamic Information Integration." A group of 10-12 continuing, invitation-only participants will analyze and discuss various aspects of dynamic information integration over the year, including:

The role and importance of explicit models
How to achieve a working feedback loop
Existing technologies and components
Relevant standards

The Center is very pleased to announce that the fifth Working Group Session will be led by Mr. Jeff Enyart, Director of Electronic Commerce and Mr. Ken Frederick, Strategic Alliances Manager, both at UPS. Mr. Enyart and Mr. Frederick have backgrounds in supply chain optimization and are in the process of developing and integrating scalable business solutions at UPS, the world's largest transportation company with a strategic focus on facilitating commerce both physically and digitally.

Since February 2002, Working Group participants have been discussing the challenges and possible solutions to elusive issues around how diverse electronic business systems might communicate with one another seamlessly. Are standards the answer? Well, not completely. Will middleware solve the problem? Only partially. Does mapping help? It depends. At the September 27th Session, UPS will present the solutions developed to help UPS communicate with its customers and solve their particular piece of the dynamic information integration puzzle. Working Group participants will have the opportunity to interact with UPS and address customer-facing information issues, including destination location, realtime parcel location, and third-party billing. Participants will gain insight whether UPS, a major user of software, has made revolutionary breakthroughs in information integration issues or if the Working Group issues identified over the last 6 months remain unsolved, even by the largest of customers.

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