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Pub Talk

"Handwritten Signatures: What Is The Relevance Today In An eWorld?"


By Mr. Collin Bruce
Director, Strategic Accounts &
By Mr. Tony Wittry
Director, Business Development
Communication Intelligence Corporation

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Open to the Public. No fee. 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
The Pub Talk begins at 6:00 p.m.

The world has gone through the use of "a slap on the back, a shake of a hand, signs or characters written on walls, leaves or parchment, names written on paper," to the use of tokens, smart cards, magnetic stripe cards, pins, and passwords. What happened to the good old-fashioned signature, the most recognized and accepted symbol of intent? In today's world, how can we make efficient use of the "signature?" In what ways can we improve upon it? At this Pub, come hear about advancements in handwritten signatures and biometrics. Mr. Bruce will discuss how these advancements are being deployed today and what they mean for you as an individual and consumer, including your privacy and security.

Collin Bruce manages Strategic Accounts for Communication Intelligence Corporation including Charles Schwab, JP Morgan Chase, American General Life and Assurance, and Prudential. Mr. Bruce has worked with Fortune 500 companies for the past 15 years around systems management, CRM applications, and now with CIC is working in the area of handwritten signatures and biometrics.

Tony Wittry is Director, Business Development for Communication Intelligence Corporation, developing and managing OEM channel relationships such as FujitsuPC and Sony Ericsson. Prior to joining CIC, Mr. Wittry was the Director of Business Development at Weave Innovations and has held positions at Informix Software and Illustra Information Technologies.

Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC) ( delivers solutions based on core technologies around handwritten signatures and biometrics that are used in a multitude of business scenarios. These business scenarios cover uses from process streamlining to fraud prevention to biometric security across an open platform and operating system architecture. For customer success stories, refer to CIC's Web site.