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"The Center allows us an avenue for engaging an emerging and innovative eBusiness community."

John Patrick, Vice President, Internet Technology, IBM Corporation (Retired)

Programs and Pub Talks* 2001

This page contains all of our programs listed in chronological order. These include Think Tank Sessions, Executive Briefings, Roundtable Discussions, Interactive Panel Discussions, Symposia, Challenge-the-Expert Programs and Pub Talks*.
*Pub Talks are deliniated with an asterisk.
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*December 13, 2001 Last Pub of 2001:
"Winter Gala: Internet Business Opportunities for 2002"

December 11, 2001 Symposium:
"Data-to-Cash (D2C): Business Opportunities Emerging from an Ocean of Data"

*December 6, 2001
"Biz Ink's Buzz on the Valley"
By Ms. Vikki Bowes-Mok, Editor, Mr. Dennis Taylor, Managing Editor, and Mr. Erik Linden, Tech Reporter, Silicon Valley Business Ink

*November 29, 2001
".NET: A Vsion for the Future of Internet Computing"
By. Mr. Marc Wolfson, .NET Solutions Specialist, Microsoft Corporation

November 27, 2001 Challenge-the-Expert:
"Net Attitude"

By Mr. John Patrick, Vice President, Internet Technology, IBM Corporation

November 26, 2001 Sponsor News:
SAP goes live with the UDDI Business Registry

*November 22, 2001 NO PUB
Due to the Thanksgiving Holiday, there will be NO Pub this week.

*November 15, 2001
"Pattern Recognition in Fundamental Stock Analysis"
By Dr. Robert C. Smithson, President & Chief Executive Officer,
Anava Corporation

November 13, 2001 Think Tank Session:
"Artificial Intellegence (AI): Is it Real? AI & Supply Chain Management (SCM)"

November 8, 2001 Interactive Panel Discussion:
"The Impact of Current and Future Technology on eBusiness
By Mr. Dave Allison, Program Director, IBM Global e-Business Software Strategy &
By Mr. Donald O'Toole, Director, eBusiness Marketing Strategy, IBM Corporation

*November 1, 2001
"Convergence of the European & American Wireless Experience"
By Mr. Tamas Szabo, Chief Executive Officer & President, KFKI Systems, Inc.

*October 25, 2001
"Uncovering Hidden Treasures: An Interactive Pub"

October 23, 2001 Center Announcement:
"Center Launches New Tech Demo & Discussion Series: Uncovering Hidden Treasures for eBusiness"

*October 18, 2001
"The Collaborative Nature of the UDDI Initiative & SAP Involvement"
By Mr. Claus von Riegen, XML Standards Architect, SAP AG

October 17, 2001 Symposium:
"Realtime Location Systems (RTLS) & Supply Chain Management in the Defense/Aerospace Industries"
Part of a Symposium Series on The Future of Realtime Location Systems (RTLS)

October 16, 2001 Symposium:
"Realtime Location Systems (RTLS) & Supply Chain Management in the Auto Industry"
Part of a Symposia Series on The Future of Realtime Location Systems (RTLS).

*October 11, 2001
"LINUX: IBM's Strategy and Delivery on that Strategy"
By Mr. Steve Curtis, Marketing Manager, LINUX Solutions Marketing, IBM Software Group

October 11, 2001 Technology Demo:
"LINUX: An Overview of Tools, Middleware, and Hardware with a Demonstration of Selected IBM Offerings"
By Mr. Steve Curtis, Marketing Manager, Linux Solutions Marketing, IBM Software Group

*October 4, 2001
"Next Generation Mobile Content Delivery"
By Mr. Rick Brennan, President & CEO, SoftSource Corporation

October 3, 2001 Executive Seminar:
** Cancelled & will be re-scheduled **
"Converting Brand Equity Into Shareholder Value"
By Mr. Don Presson, President, IC Growth, Inc. &

By Mr. Ross Halleck, Chief Executive Officer, Halleck, Inc.

*September 27, 2001
"Create Flipbooks On Your Web Site"
By Mr. Bob Peiser, Director of strategic Partnrships, E-Books Systems

September 26, 2001 Think Tank Session:
"Mobile Virtual Network Operators & The Future Of Mobile Business: Off To The Races Or Back To The Starting Gate?"

*September 20, 2001
"Shopping Made Easy: Anywhere & Anytime -- BarPoint's Revolutionary Technology"
By Mr. Tim Kataras, Senior Director, Business Development,, Inc.

September 13, 2001
** Cancelled ** and will be Rescheduled at a later date
Interactive Panel Discussion: "The Impact of Current and Future Technology on eBusiness"
By Mr. Dave Allison, Program Director, IBM Global e-business Software Strategy
By Mr. Mark Cathcart, Senior Consulting IT Specialist, IBM Global e-business Software Strategy

*September 6, 2001
No Pub on Thursday, September 6th due to the Labor Day holiday this week.

August 30, 2001
Technology Demo By IBM Corporation on "IBM Cue Video"
By Dr. Arnon Amir, Research Staff, IBM Alameda Research Center

*August 30, 2001
"IBM's CueVideo"
By Dr. Arnon Amir, Research Staff, IBM Almaden Research Center

August 29, 2001 Think Tank Session:
"Driving mCommerce into the U.S. Market: Who is Leading Whom?" 8:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Invitation-only.

*August 23, 2001
The Center welcomes Cable & Wireless as our Newest Executive Sponsor! "Delivering the Promise of IP"
By Dr. Marguerite Raaen, Senior Vice President of e-Enablement, Cable & Wireless Global

August 22, 2001
Interactive Panel Discussion: "Challenges of the New Modalities in eBusiness: Outsourcing vs. In-sourcing"
Join Dr. Marguerite Raaen, Senior Vice President of e-Enablement for Cable & Wireless Global, and other panelists to discuss the issue of outsourcing major enterprise-level processes, including hosting and web-management.

*August 16, 2001
"User Experience: Well Worth the Investment"
By Mr. Steve Gilmore, Western Regional Creative Director, Plural, Inc.

*August 9, 2001
"From Web Sites to Web Services: Implications to Event and Peer Computing"
By Mr. Christopher S. Thomas, Chief e-Strategist, Solutions Channels Group, Strategic eMarketing, Intel Corporation

*August 2, 2001
" The Digex Hosting Solution"
By Mr. Larry Nichols, Senior Director, West Coast operations, Digex

*July 26, 2001
"Data Management & IBM's Recent Purchase of Informix"
By Mr. Shawn James, IBM Data Management Specialist

July 25, 2001 Executive Seminar:
"Use your Extranet to Improve Workforce Productivity"
By Mr. Martie Nielson, Chief Executive Officer & others from Inclusion Inc., a Knowledge Network Partner of the Center

July 24, 2001 Symposium:
"Management and Monitoring of eBusiness Web Sites"

*July 19, 2001
"Enabling Factors to Drive mCommerce for the Next 12-18 Month Markets"
By Mr. Patric Carlsson, Principal, Research, Strategy & Business

*July 12, 2001
"Project JXTA & the Future of P2P"
By Mr. Juan Carlos Soto, Product Marketing Manager, Project JXTA, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

June 28, 2001 Interactive Panel Discussion:
"Catching the P2P Wave: Adoption & Diffusion of Peer-to-Peer Networks for Business Use"

June 27, 2001 Think Tank Session:
"mCommerce Applications for the Consumer & Enterprise Markets"

*June 21, 2001
"Summer Solstice Celebration: Networking at Its Finest" Meet Center Sponsors, Knowledge Network Partners, Fellows, Council and Advisory Board Members.

*June 14, 2001
"Document Management Using Fuzzy Technology"
By Mr. Vijay Rangarajan, Founder, President & CEO, Rebus Technology, Inc.

*June 7, 2001
"Fujitsu QoEtient: Maintaining High Quality of Experience-the Key to Success for eBusiness"
By Mr. Bruce Nash, Director, QoEtient Business Group, Fujitsu Software Corporation

*May 31, 2001
"Privacy Isn't The Law, It's Also A Good Idea!"
By Mr. David Singer, Program Director & Senior Technical Staff Member of Web Technology, Academy of Technology, IBM Almaden Research Center

*May 24, 2001
"Challenging Mobile Commerce Stereotypes"
By Mr. Paul Frankel, Director of Business Development, 3Com's Business Connectivity Company

*May 17, 2001
"It's A Surprise Pub!"
By Dr. Susan J. Duggan, Chief Executive Officer, Silicon Valley World Internet Center

May 8 & 22, 2001 Seminar Series:
"Leveraging News Distribution For Your Company

May 8:
"Public Relations: How to Brand through PR" By Mr. Reynolds Morgan, Vice President, Western Region, Internet Wire, Inc., a Knowledge Network Partner of the Center

May 22:
"Understanding the PR Process: Getting Your Press Release Seen"
By Ms. Mary Leddy, Vice President & Ms. Shelly Eckenroth, Vice President, C.H.E.N. PR,Inc.
Special Guest Speakers: Mr. Mike Antonucci, Popular Culture Writer, San Jose Mercury News & Ms. Kathy Durr, PR Manager, Juniper Networks

May 16, 2001 Think Tank Session:
"Crafting Long-Term eBusiness Success"

*May 10, 2001
"Latest Hot Trends: Activities at SAP Corporate Research"
By Dr. Richard Swan, Director, Corporate Research Center, SAP Labs, Inc., SAP AG

*May 3, 2001
"Global Expansion: A Focus On Germany"
By Mr. Patrick Dufour, Project Manager For Communications, Dortmund Project & Mr. Thomas Kneip, Engagement Manager For Dortmund Project, Mckinsey & Company

*April 26, 2001 "A New Platform For Interactive Web Applications"
By Mr. Robert L. Batty, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Curl Corporation

April 23, 2001 Executive Briefing:
"Intellectual Capital Conversion: The New Business Model"
By Mr. Don Presson, President, I.C. Growth, Inc. to the Global Leadership Program, Global Knowledge Institute, Fujitsu

April 6, 2001 Executive Briefing:
"Recent & Upcoming Developments in the IT Industry in Silicon Valley"
By Mr. Matthias Kurth, President, German Federal Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Posts

*April 19, 2001
"A Faster Way to Integrate Suppliers & Customers With Your Supply Chain Network"
By Mr. Marty Jain, Co-Founder & Evangelist, Viquity

*April 12, 2001
"Enterprise-Class Content Management: Empowering The Enterprise"
By Mr. Erin McCart, Marketing, B2B, Interwoven, Inc.

*April 5, 2001
"Emerging Markets - Opportunity & Impact For Silicon Valley"
By Mr. Stephen Keese, Chief Evangelist & Director of Business Development, AcrossWorld Communications

*March 29, 2001
"State of Machine Translation & IBM's Websphere Translation Server"
By Mr. Dennis King, Manager, Language Technologies, Tools & CTI Voice Systems, IBM Corporation

March 27, 2001 Think Tank Session:
"P2P in the Enterprise: The Next Generation of Pervasive Technology"

March 21, 2001 Interactive Panel Discussion:
"Right Place, Right Time, but Wrong Team: Know Why & When to Add More Power to Your Executive Team" Provided especially to Center's community by Center's Knowledge Network Partner High Performance Resources (HPR)

*March 22, 2001
"Show Us The Gold: Choosing the Right Senior Management Team"
By Mr. Don Presson, Chief Executive Officer, High Performance Resources (HPR)

*March 15, 2001
"Evolving eBusiness Systems Management: Fujitsu Software's QoEtient"
By Mr. Bruce Nash, Director, QoEtient eBusiness Management Group, Fujitsu Software

*March 8, 2001
"A New Dimension of eCommerce: Combining Advantages of ERP Data Management with VR Presentation Technologies"
By Ms. Ann M. Miller, Research Scientist & Mr. Boris Otto, Project Manager, Fraunhofer Institut fuer Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (Institute for Industrial Engineering)

*March 1, 2001
"SAP's Learning Portal"
By Ms. Emma Bonham, Business Development Manager, GBU Human Capital Management, SAP AG

March 1, 2001 Executive Briefing:
"eLearning Content Partnering Opportunities with SAP"

February 28, 2001 Challenge-The-Expert:
"Challenges and Issues for Mega Web Site Development"
By Dr. Willy Chiu, Vice President, High Volume Web Site Design, IBM Corporation

*February 22, 2001
"Putting the 'Learning' Back in eLearning"
By Dr. Ellen Wagner, Chief Learning Officer & Mr. John Farman, Vice President of Sales Viviance new education, inc.

*February 15, 2001
"Collaborative Business Maps: Value Creation in the Internet Economy"
By Mr. Stefan Hack, Vice President, Accelerated SAP, SAP AG

February 15, 2001 Think Tank Session:
"The Future of Collaborative Business: Building a Blueprint for eCollaborative Opportunities"

*February 8, 2001
"Why Brick & Mortar Retailers Will Win Online"
By Mr. Mark Murray, Strategist, Plural

*February 1, 2001
"SAP Solutions for Emerging Enterprises"
By Ms. Rachel Parikh, Solutions Manager, mySAP

*January 25, 2001
"Virtual Workplaces for Real World Benefits"
By Mr. Martin Nielson, Chief Executive Officer, Inclusion, Inc.

*January 18, 2001
"Internet Investing in the Hangover Year: Should we all just go home?"
By Mr. Greg Galanos, Managing Director, SOFTBANK Venture Capital

January 17, 2001 Webcast Interactive Panel Discussion:
"What's Coming Down the Road in Open Standards: Solutions and Strategies"

January 10, 2001 Interactive Panel Discussion:
"Global eLearning: Perspectives from Europe, Asia, and the United States"

January 10 & 11, 2001 Think Tank Session:
"The Knowledge Economy & Corporate eLearning: Current & Upcoming Developments in the U.S. Market"