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Executive Seminar

"Winning with Limited Marketing Resources: Maximizing the True Cost of Marketing (TCM)"

TUESDAY, JUNE 25, 2002

By Mr. Mr. Ross Halleck, President, Halleck &
By Mr. Ian Cheeseman, President, LVA Corporate Communications

4:00 - 6:00 p.m. Reception follows. Invitation-only.
Limit: 40 participants.

This invitation-only Executive Seminar, in conjunction with Halleck (one of the Center's Knowledge Network Partners) and LVA Corporate Communications, focuses on providing marketing executives with the appropriate tools to be able to:

Calculate total cost of marketing (TCM).
Reduce TCM cost.
Increase the strength of marketing efforts for competitive advantage.
Build stronger customer relationships through a consistent and persistent brand experience.

Participants will also learn:
The latest market development -- Integrated Marketing Groups (IMG) -- and why it is important.
How to continue to get the best from your limited marketing staff and resources.

Marketing budgets are being slashed, internal marketing professionals are being eliminated to reduce head count, and the competition is getting fiercer. Traditional advertising agencies have a limited focus with a bias toward specific media, yet, freelance and independent talent requires tighter management by internal resources that do not exist. Marketing in this environment requires an understanding of TCM to be successful. In fact, the only survivors will be those who affect the greatest effectiveness and efficiency in communicating their value proposition.

During the previous boom economy, trend was to hire the best of breed in all disciplines of marketing services. The return on those investments, especially in today's economy, cast doubt on the wisdom of this course. With the plethora of media choices on the part of companies, not to speak of the overwhelming selection of brands available in every category in B2C and B2B, selecting multiple agencies creates tremendous managerial challenges, not to mention tremendous waste and overlap.

An IMG can provide a company with a non-biased approach to the right mix of media for greatest impact and return for its marketing dollar. Incorporating strategic services (positioning and brand strategy), PR, interactive graphics, Web site development, and advertising, an IMG can take a marketing strategy from concept to execution in record time. More importantly, having each component of the media mix align with and support the others, builds stronger brands and drives greater ROI.

Ross Halleck founded Halleck ( in January of 1980 as one of the preeminent creative service firms in Silicon Valley. Since its inception, Ross has translated corporate marketing objectives into highly effective communications solutions. In 1993, Ross integrated the World Wide Web into its mix of marketing support services. This included pioneering the branding of Web sites, developing site architecture, and the strategic implementation of the technology to accomplish marketing objectives. Halleck's first client in this arena was Netscape. Throughout its history, Halleck has been on the cutting-edge of sophisticated marketing techniques, strategies and technologies. Halleck became one of the first creative service agencies to integrate relationship marketing strategies into its business model. Companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Agilent, Con Agra, Edify Corp., and Sun have extended their relationships with Halleck in the interest of providing brand communications that leverage all touchpoints to build more consistent, more personal, and more profitable relationships between their clients and their customers. Mr. Halleck's strategic thinking, design excellence and unique implementation of technology has earned him B2B Magazine's Top 100 Award for 2001. Mr. Halleck sits on the Advisory Boards of the Silicon Valley World Internet Center and Diamondhead Ventures.

Ian Cheeseman is President of LVA Corporate Communications, a specialized communications agency established in 1990 that provides public relations and communication solutions to B2B technology clients, ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar corporations. LVA provides public relations strategy planning, consulting and implementation; media relations; industry analyst relations; corporate communication support; and crisis management. Its clients include Fujitsu Holdings, Fujitsu Software, Legato, LSI Logic Storage Systems, Sophos, InfiniCon, RPA Engineering, and PWS International. Mr. Cheeseman has spent 22 years in the communications industry as a journalist and public relations executive. A former Senior Vice President at CS Communications and Director, Corporate Communications for American Express Company, Mr. Cheeseman has extensive experience in creating and executing communications strategies for a variety of US and European corporations. Mr. Cheeseman spent one year working on issues for the European Commission at the Centre de Calcul in Luxembourg. Prior to moving to the United States, he was a Managing Partner at one of the UK's leading high tech and financial PR consultancies. He is a former editor-in-chief of Computer News, a 100,000 circulation weekly newspaper for the UK computer industry. He has also held senior management and consulting positions in the data processing industry.

This is an invitation-only program. Those interested in possible participation and are director- and executive-level marketing representatives of mid-sized companies (please no start-ups), send your name, title, company, company Web site, email address, and telephone number to:

Dr. Venilde Jeronimo
Senior Director, Client Services
Silicon Valley World Internet Center
T: 650.462.9800