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Pub Talk

"A Practical Solution to the Challenges of Mobile Access"


By Mr. Adam Cheyer
Vice President of Engineering
Dejima, Inc.

Open to the Public. No fee. 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
The Pub Talk begins at 6:00 p.m.

Accessing and updating key business information while on the road is difficult: laptop-based offline synchronization solutions make accessible only partial data sets that are out of date; wireless connectivity is sporadic and slow; and PDAs have screens that are too small to effectively represent information typically displayed on a desktop monitor.

In addressing these challenges, Dejima, Inc. offers a novel, yet practical approach. Unlike current mobile access solutions that force users to navigate complex application menus over slow network connections, Dejima enables users to request information and execute tasks using their own words through email, wireless messaging, Web, and speech. Consider email: sending messages such as "show opps in NE region closing this quarter with probability > 60%" or "change Cisco opp status to Closed-Won" can accurately produce the desired results in one step, with minimal bandwidth requirements, automatic queuing of requests when out of connectivity range, and with screen-efficient, precise answers provided to direct questions.

At this Pub Talk, Adam Cheyer will demonstrate the ease-of-use and effectiveness of Dejima's mobile solutions and will answer questions about the patent technology underlying the approach.

Adam Cheyer is Vice President of Engineering at Dejima, a provider of solutions for enterprises and service providers that arm mobile employees and end-users with direct access to critical data. As the former Vice President of Engineering at VerticalNet, Mr. Cheyer was responsible for development organizations delivering products for consortium marketplaces, private markets, and extended enterprise solutions. Mr. Cheyer has 15 years experience in a variety of roles, including software engineer, research scientist, consultant, lecturer, and technical manager. In the areas of distributed computing, intelligent agents, and advanced user interfaces, he is the author of more than forty-five peer-reviewed publications and nine patents. As Senior Scientist in the AI Center and co-director of the Computer Human Interaction Center at SRI International, he led a multi-disciplinary team of researchers exploring Web services, distributed knowledge, and pervasive computing. While at Bull S.A., he was lead developer and architect for NOEMIE, a configuration expert system used to manage Bull's line of 30,000 hardware and software products worldwide. Mr. Cheyer received a bachelor's degree with highest honors from Brandeis University and was awarded "outstanding master's student" from UCLA.

Dejima, Inc. ( & develops natural interaction software products that enable companies to provide their end-users with easy, intuitive, direct access to applications and services. By making technology more human-centric, Dejima's solutions are revolutionizing the way people access and use wireless services, enterprise applications, and consumer appliances. Founded in 1998, with offices in San Jose (headquarters), London, and Tokyo, the company is privately funded and backed by companies like InfoSpace, Mitsubishi Corporation, Omron, RIM, and Sonera.

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