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Working Group Session

"Decision Making in the Real Time Enterprise"


Fourth Session of a Working Group on "Dynamic Information Integration"

Led by Dr. Rod Heisterberg, Managing Partner, Rod Heisterberg Associates

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Invitation-only. 3:00 - 5:30 p.m.

As a result of a series of programs fall 2001, the Center is hosting a Working Group during 2002 on "Dynamic Information Integration." A group of 10-12 continuing, invitation-only participants will analyze and discuss various aspects of dynamic information integration over the next several months, including:

The role and importance of explicit models
How to achieve a working feedback loop
Existing technologies and components
Relevant standards

The Center is very pleased that the fourth Working Group Session will be facilitated by Rod Heisterberg, a well-known supply chain expert and former participant at Center programs. Dr. Heisterberg was formerly a Director at Gartner Consulting where he led engagements for eBusiness transformation strategy and applications architecture development.

Dr. Heisterberg will discuss Collaborative Commerce (cCommerce) as a strategy for the next stage of eBusiness evolution. cCommerce business practices enable trading partners to create, manage, and use data in a shared environment to design, build, and support products throughout their lifecycle, working separately to leverage their core competencies together in a value chain that forms a virtual enterprise. Sustainable competitive advantage may be realized by adoption of cCommerce strategies and business models.

Today, forward looking enterprises are seeking to achieve the benefits of cCommerce by leveraging the Internet as an enabling technology in order to transform their core business management decision making practices. These real time enterprise value propositions are based on managing information rather than inventory. The business case for cCommerce is predicated on information technology (IT) investments to facilitate collaborative business practices with shared data and visibility information that will improve decision effectiveness.

Supply chain operations that involve actions outside the enterprise's four walls require monitoring and measuring trading partner performance as never before, in part, due to virtual enterprise integration of the core competencies across the value chain. In order to

ize this new capability, enterprises must re-engineer their decision making processes in such a manner so that they are able to adapt to the dynamics needed to synchronize supply with demand. Decision makers must be able to evaluate performance across the virtual enterprise using common metrics in order to make effective decisions for guiding value chain strategies, directing logistics tactics, and managing operational activities in a timely manner. As cCommerce evolves as the mainstream eBusiness strategy for effective value chain management, the re-engineering of management decision making processes becomes the critical success factor for enterprise profitability and growth in the 21st century.

The following questions -- among others -- will be discussed, over wine and light hors d'oeuvres:

What is the business case for re-engineering the strategic, tactical, and operational management decision making process?
How will the appropriate metrics be identified and shared among trading partners to manage their value chain processes?
How will virtual enterprise information integration drive enabling technologies for real time decision support systems?
Which Web Services deployments have a stronger value proposition for private trading exchange solutions versus public B2B marketplace offerings?

This program is invitation-only. Those interested in possible participation with a background relevant for this Session, please send your name, title, email, telephone number, and bio to the following:

Dr. Venilde Jeronimo
Senior Director, Client Services
Silicon Valley World Internet Center
T: 650.462.9800