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Pub Talk

"Business Implications of Pervasive Computing"


By Mr. Brock Hinzmann
Technology Navigator
SRI Consulting Business Intelligence

Open to the Public. No fee. 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
The Pub Talk at 6:00 p.m.

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During his Pub Talk, Mr. Hinzmann will discuss the business implications of pervasive computing, including enabling components, systems and applications. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to engage in an interactive discussion with Mr. Hinzmann after the Pub Talk.

Brock Hinzmann is a technology navigator at SRI Consulting Business Intelligence, Inc. (SRIC-BI). He has spent over 21 years helping SRI's clients through the evolution of the technology and processes for business intelligence, from the time SRI introduced its process to scan for future discontinuities to his present role in customizing technology maps on topics that range from fuel cells to rapid manufacturing to a recent draft on biometrics. In 1984, he co-designed and was the first analyst for TechMonitoring, covering many advanced materials topics, such as advanced structural ceramics, metal matrix composites, engineering polymers, and smart materials, as well as many energy and processing technologies that use such materials. His coverage of rapid prototyping led to exploration of such issues as product design and development and work with SRI's trademarked Values and Lifestyles Program and the consumer demand side of technology road mapping. Two years ago, after serving as director of TechMonitoring for six years, he created the position of Technology Navigator to help SRI clients design custom technology maps and to help redesign TechMonitoring into its new form, Explorer. Mr. Hinzmann has an MBA in international business from San Francisco State University and a BA in International Studies from Willamette University (Salem, Oregon). He is a member of ASM International (materials society), Society of Manufacturing Engineers (founding board of advisors to SME/Rapid Prototyping Association), and Industrial Designers Society of America.

SRI Consulting Business Intelligence (SRIC-BI) ( believes that capturing business opportunities requires exploring the big picture and then focusing on actionable strategies in an uncertain environment. Our research identifies the defining forces of change to help our clients expand their perspective. Our expertise and unique tools enable our clients to focus on strategies for action. Teaming with SRIC-BI increases our clients' ability to capture opportunities. An employee-owned spin-off of the former Stanford Research Institute, SRIC-BI taps into a history of technology innovation that nurtured the computer mouse and the Internet. We combine content-based research programs with consulting expertise. And we bring an optimistic view of opportunity coupled with a realistic view of the difference between hype and reality.