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Think Tank Session



All day program. By invitation only. See information below for possible participation.


The Knowledge-based Economy provides the impetus for the emerging eLearning industry, specifically, opportunities for the corporate sector beyond internal training for employees. As the speed of change in technology and the general business environment continues to accelerate, companies must take advantage of the new Net-based infrastructure for learning if they want to maximize success in the new Knowledge-based Economy. For instance, how can companies leverage current eLearning efforts into the extended enterprise? How can a company's value chain take full advantage of all formal and informal learning content via the Internet, and in turn, how is this related to achieving maximum competitive advantage? How can Net-based infrastructures (public Internet and corporate Intranet) be best leveraged for learning and sharing knowledge with employees, customers and suppliers? What are the upcoming key developments and opportunities and how can companies best leverage themselves in these areas?

This two-day, by invitation-only Think Tank Session on eLearning focuses on key market dynamics in the U.S. corporate sector, including existing players and potential market entrants, market opportunities and growth potential in this industry, and future views and challenges for the corporate eLearning industry. Net-based infrastructure, technology, standards, methodology and delivery for content, and business models will also be addressed. A group of 25-30 invitation-only eLearning experts, established companies, and innovative smaller companies will contribute to this two-day discussion. Keynotes will be delivered, followed by the opportunity to contribute as a group and brainstorm in business and technology breakout sessions.

Click here for photos and a summary by participant Jay Cross, Internet Time Group
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Click here for "What is Working and What is Not Working in the Current Process" presentation in PDF format.
Click here for "Corporate E-Learning: What's Hot, What's Not..." presentation in PDF format.
Click here for "eLearning Technology and Infrastructure" presentation in PDF format.
Click here for "Learning About Learning and Implications for eLearning: Some Lessons and Insights from the Trenches" presentation in PDF format.


We are currently seeking a few participants with a technical/engineering background who can share their experience about the current and upcoming technology for course content and structure as well as infrastructure for the delivery of corporate eLearning opportunities.

Individuals and companies in the eLearning space are encouraged to contact the Center's Director of Programs, Venilde Jeronimo, for possible participation and further information. She can be reached at (