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4:00 - 6:00 p.m. No fee.
Wine & hors d'oeuvres. Invitation-only.

For possible participation, see below.


In today's eBusiness world, operations and IT management face a myriad of challenges in monitoring the performance of eBusiness network environments. The provision of "high quality of experience" to users and customers is one key challenge. A user's experience has direct impact on the image and brand of a company as well as have a direct impact on the company's revenue stream. Furthermore, a low quality of experience may hinder business transactions with partners, resulting in higher business costs. Currently, operations and IT managers utilize a bundle of disparate services, products, and applications to manage and monitor the performance and transactions of eBusiness Web sites.

The objective of this two-hour, facilitated symposium is to discuss the current state of and future direction in the following areas:

* Site Management & Monitoring
* Site Performance
* Transaction Assurance
* Security

To facilitate knowledge exchange during the symposium, the following questions provide the focus for discussion:

* What are the existing needs of ISPs, ASPs, MSPs, system integrators, and hosting companies to efficiently manage and monitor the performance of eBusiness Web sites for their customers, enabling compliance with Service Level Agreements (SLA)?
* What functions/elements of current services/products/applications currently exist that provide efficient management and monitoring of eBusiness Web sites? What works? What does not? Would an integrated solution be desirable?
* Are existing services/products/applications pinpointing the cause of performance and transaction problems in a reliable manner? Is the reporting process efficient? Are current diagnostics functioning to satisfaction? What about monitoring security?
* How important is it to monitor eBusiness Web sites from multi locations/cities?
* Is streaming content analysis valuable for performance monitoring?
* What challenges exist for the overall market, that is, of providers of services/products/applications for the management and performance of eBusiness Web sites/networks?


A selected group of 12 to 15 operations and IT managers are being invited to participate in this symposium. Participants will have the unique opportunity, over wine and hors d'oeuvres, to gather market intelligence, be seen and heard as thought leaders, and to network for business and professional development.

Participants include operations and IT managers with experience in a) evaluating Web site/eBusiness performance management services, products, and applications; b) measuring the performance and availability of these services, products, and applications; and c) managing Service Level Agreements.

If you are interested in participating and are an operations or IT manager, send your name, title, bio, email, and telephone number to:

Dr. Venilde Jeronimo
Director of Programs