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6:00 - 8:00 p.m.

"Challenges of the New Modalities in eBusiness: Outsourcing vs. In-sourcing"

Join Dr. Marguerite Raaen, Senior Vice President of e-Enablement for Cable & Wireless Global, and other panelists to discuss the issue of outsourcing major enterprise-level processes, including hosting and web-management.

This is an Interactive Panel Discussion. The panelists will have, in total, 30 minutes to establish their position on this topic. We will then engage the audience for the next 90 minutes in a facilitated discussion with the panelists around key themes.

Panel Focus and Information: Enterprises are challenged with accommodating new modalities for eBusiness -- wireless, voice-over-IP, mobile -- all demanding support, infrastructure, and management systems. Beyond that, there are demands for increased customer care and customer relationship management; partnership management; supply chain management; and beyond.

How do enterprises keep up with these demands? To outsource or not to outsource: that remains the big question for enterprises under pressure to compete in an increasingly fast-paced business world. Who has the bandwidth, the expertise, and the necessary applications to support these new modalities? In addition, is it cheaper, better, faster to do this all in-house or to outsource it?


Open to the Public. Registration is not necessary but highly recommended due to limited seating. $10, payable at door, cash or check.

To register for this Panel Discussion, please send your name, title, company and email address to:

Ms. Debra Wright
Program Manager