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By Mr. Robert L. Batty, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Curl Corporation
5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Open to the Public. No fee. The Pub Talk begins at 6:00 p.m.

As the Internet has evolved, and as PCs and applications have become more interactive, Web applications have attempted to keep up with the end user demand for interactivity. As importantly, end users have come to expect a rich, responsive experience on their PCs. Until now, existing technologies have remained primarily static, server-side technologies that produce static documents. At this Pub, Mr. Batty will discuss Curl's technology recently developed at the Lab for Computer Science at MIT that was built expressly for Web applications, that is, client-side applications that get their information from the Web.


Mr. Robert L. Batty serves as Vice President, Sales and Marketing, bringing over 20 years of B2B marketing, technology development and team leadership experience to Curl. Most recently, Mr. Batty was Chairman, Board Director and Founder of Onflow Corporation, the San Francisco-based online advertising service company that provides movie-quality Web ads at dial-up speeds. Prior to launching Onflow, he served as President, CEO and Board Director at Xaos Tools, a digital special effects, consumer image editing and authoring software products developer. Bob's previous positions included Executive Vice President of Business Development at Zentec, Inc.; Executive Vice President, CFO and Board Director at Digital Power Corporation; Chairman, CEO, Founder and Board Director at CompuFilm Corporation; President, CEO and Board Director at Brag Systems, Inc.; and Director of Sales and Marketing at Simplan Systems, Inc.


A content language
At the heart of the Curl technology is a new content language that was designed especially for use on the Web. The Curl content language integrates mark-up functionality, scripting functionality, and a full-featured object-oriented programming language, all within one environment. Curl technology can be used with existing Web technologies, such as HTML, CGI and JavaScript, and multimedia animation tools, or it can be used in place of them.

A unified development environment
At Curl, we view a Web application as interactive - that interaction with the Web is not via a static document, but via a powerful application engine on the user's client device such as a PC. No more waiting for roundtrips to the server. Text, graphics, scripting, and object-oriented programming are contained in a consistent and unified environment.

A better way
It's our goal to have the richest possible Internet content and applications delivered faster than users can think or see. How will this happen? First, through the creation of rich Web content. Curl offers a cohesive, all-encompassing Web development technology that addresses the problems of Internet development as a whole - not as a patchwork of technologies that weren't designed (or sometimes even intended) to work with each other. Second, by harnessing the vast power of client-side computing. Curl takes advantage of that 90 percent or more of a typical computer user's CPU that's just sitting there idle, itching to get into the Internet game. The bottom line is that Curl technology helps enhance the end user experience by providing media-rich, highly interactive Web content and applications at unparalleled speed. And it improves the developer experience by making the creation of this superior content both easier and more efficient.