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"Center Launches New Tech Demo &
Discussion Series: Uncovering Hidden Treasures
for eBusiness

Autumn/Winter 2001 & Winter/Spring 2002

eBusiness-related software, service and technology companies encouraged to apply.
Further information below.

The Silicon Valley World Internet Center is providing a neutral environment for start-up and emerging companies to demonstrate and market their "out-of-the-box" eBusiness-related software, service, or technology to selected Center clients. A few companies will be invited to participate in this program on a quarterly basis. Companies currently in contact or associated with the Center (non-clients of the Center) are especially encouraged to submit an application. For the immediate future, there is no fee to companies selected to participate.

Companies with an interest are encouraged to contact the Center's Director of Programs, listed below.

* Ability to demonstrate and market your eBusiness-related software, service, or technology to global technology clients of the Center;
* Feedback on your eBusiness-related software, service, or technology from the Center's Technology Council and/or Business Council, made up of SiliconValley thought leaders and visionaries;
* Promotion of your Tech Demo (product, service, or technology) in the Center's weekly eNewsletter (goes out to 5,000+ local and global individuals) and Center Web site;
* Ability to network in a professional environment with high-level peers; and
* Possible funding (preliminary at this point, but a longer-term possibility).

Those interested in being considered for this opportunity are asked to submit as much as possible of the following items. ** This information will assist the Center to match your service, product, or technology as well as your objectives with interests and objectives of Center clients.

1) Executive summary of the company, including:
a) overview of its service, product, or technology
b) target market c) business and/or revenue models
d) company history
e) listing of executive-level team (and board members if applicable)
f) current level of funding with list of private or public funding/investment sources;

2) Current objectives of the company for the next 12-18 month market (strategic marketing, partnerships, business development, funding, executive search, and other areas);

3) Name, title, and biographical sketch of the potential presenter, including current role in the company with past experience;

4) If participated in past Center programs, send date of program and name of company representative; and

5) Additional information considered pivotal for application consideration.

**The information submitted will be kept confidential and will not be distributed to other parties. Information will be considered privileged and only shared with those in attendance at the Tech Demo & Discussion once application has been approved. Proprietary information should NOT be submitted to the Center.

Companies will be selected on the following criteria:

* Uniqueness of the eBusiness-related software, service, or technology; and
* Short- and long-term market potential of the eBusiness-related software, service, or technology.

Dr. Venilde Jeronimo
Director of Programs
Silicon Valley World Internet Center
T: 650.462.9800