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"User Experience: Well Worth the Investment"

By Mr. Steve Gilmore, Western Region Creative Director, Plural, Inc. Open to the Public. No fee. 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Pub Talk: 6:00-6:30p.m.

Every user has an experience when they interact with an organization's online offering and these user experiences are directly related to the organization's success and profitability. To build long-term, profitable relationships, it is critical to ensure that the user experience is positive and that the user derives the most value from the interaction. Though measured differently, the goal of profitable relationships applies equally well to lifetime value of customers and partners as it does to employee productivity. Businesses that assess, architect, and measure the real experiences of users will create better value for those users and demonstrate clear dominance over their competitors - leading directly to increased profits.

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Plural ( an eBusiness consulting and development firm that works with clients to increase enterprise efficiencies, strengthen customer relationships, and capitalize on new markets. Founded in 1989, the firm has delivered more than 1,500 business critical solutions with 30% of the Fortune 100 companies leveraging Plural-built systems.


Steve Gilmore's role at Plural centers on user experience and usability solutions for Fortune 1000 clients, specifically defining services, leading business development, and overseeing delivery. Prior to joining Plural in 1997 Mr. Gilmore spent nine years designing and developing user interfaces and human computer interaction. Initially focusing on mainframe, PC, and client-server interfaces, Mr. Gilmore moved to the Web environment in 1995 and has recently begun working with handheld and wireless interfaces. Mr. Gilmore has co-authored a best-selling book on eCommerce solutions, holds a MCSD software developer credential, is a member of multiple user interface and information design organizations, and acts as a usability test participant for several market research and testing companies.


Mr. Steve Gilmore
Western Region Creative Director, Plural, Inc.
T: 415.835.1389