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Think Tank Session

"Mobile Virtual Network Operators & The Future of Mobile Business: Off To The Races Or Back To The Starting Gate?"


8:00am - 1:00pm
By invitation only. No fee. For possible participation, see below.

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The mobile virtual network operator (MNVO) movement has taken place in Europe. Virgin Mobile, for instance, by reselling services of Orange and Vodafone, became the fastest growing provider of wireless services in the United Kingdom last year. Is the emergence of MVNOs capable of moving forward the mobile service business? This will be, no doubt, the talk over the next year. At this Think Tank Session, twenty participants will have the opportunity to discuss this movement with one another and exchange knowledge with one another on the following:

* Will the MVNO development continue to be successful in Europe and catch on in the United States and Asia?

* Will Virgin and other retailers building off their brands transform the economics of mobile business?

* Will MVNOs squeeze out the traditional wireless companies, like Sprint PCS, AT&T Wireless, Verizon, and VoiceStream Wireless?

* What challenges exist for MVNOs partnering up with wireless providers for selling-up value-added services like mobile commerce?

* What's the business model for MVNOs?

* And...who owns the customer?


This Think Tank Session is structured mainly for those who have participated in previous mobile-related programs at the Center. For those who have an interest in possible participation and did not participate previously, please send your name, title, name of company, and bio (including information on your background in mobile and wireless) to:

Dr. Venilde Jeronimo
Director of Programs
Silicon Valley World Internet Center