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Thursday, August 30, 2001
4:00 to 5:00 p.m.

Open to the public. No fee.
Registration information below. Directions below.

By Dr. Arnon Amir, Research Staff Member
IBM Almaden Research Center

At this tech demo, Dr. Arnon Amir will discuss IBM CueVideo, developed at the IBM Almaden Research Center. CueVideo provides video and speech indexing, retrievel and advanced browsing. Those in attendance will also have the opportunity to learn more about IBM CueVideo and consider partnering opportunities with IBM.


The CueVideo team is looking for partnerships with consulting and services companies that would integrate CueVideo into their content management and knowledge management solutions. By attending this technology demo, you will have the opportunity to talk to Dr. Amir directly and be able to follow-up with him and his team for one-on-one meetings.


CueVideo provides video and speech indexing, retrieval and advanced browsing. It is a server-client architecture, integrated with multimedia streaming and advanced video browsing. Its speech retrieval capability is not only speech recognition (ViaVoice), but also combines phonetic retrieval of out-of-vocabulary words, sound-like words, and words missed by the speech recognition. The people and markets interested in CueVideo include Web content creators, broadcast news, remote education, media content consumers in various industries and others.

CueVideo provides easy access to large video databases, and makes searching and browsing video almost as simple as that of text. It is most suitable for video-enriched applications such as those arising in distance learning, corporate training, just-in-time learning, remote education, video archives, video conferencing and video proceedings of conferences. CueVideo also addresses the challenges that arise in the creation, indexing and use of large video databases.

With advances in hardware and network technology, the proliferation of ever smaller and cheaper video capture devices and the emergence of the web, more and more media rich applications are becoming economically feasible. One of the key emerging areas is distance or distributed learning. For applications in this area, the content usually consists of media rich material, such as video, audio, text and foils. Video content, when properly hyperlinked to text and foils, significantly enhances learning and the communication experience. Video provides the realism, interest and detail not available in other media and it is critical in many areas, such as medical, maintenance, sales and training.

A CueVideo Toolkit is available for evaluation and licensing via Alphaworks (IBM's prototyping Web site) or directly from IBM Almaden Research Center.


Registration is not necessary, but recommended due to limited seating. To register, please send your name, title, company and email address to:

Ms. Debra Wright
Program Manager

700 Welch Rd., Suite 250
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Tel: 650.462.9800
Fax: 650.462.9818

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