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"The Center allows us an avenue for engaging an emerging and innovative eBusiness community."

John Patrick, Vice President, Internet Technology, IBM Corporation (Retired)

Programs and Pub Talks* 2003

This page contains all of our programs listed in chronological order. These include Think Tank Sessions, Executive Briefings, Working Groups, Roundtable Discussions, Interactive Panel Discussions, Challenge-the-Expert Programs and Pub Talks*.
*Pub Talks are delineated with an asterisk.
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December 11, 2003, Sixth Annual Gala
Special Gu
est: Mr. Quentin Hardy, Silicon Valley Bureau Chief, Forbes Magazine

December 9, 2003, Strategic Roundtable
"Key Issues for California Homeland Security: Shaping a Collaborative Research Agenda"

*December 4, 2003, Holiday Pub
"Sensors and Homeland Security: Who's Getting Real Today?"

November 18, 2003, Special Event
"eLearning in the Crystal Ball: Probing the Future with the eLearning Forum"

*November 6, 2003
"Broadband Wireless: A Changing Landscape"
Pub Masters: Mr. George Sidman, President, Monterey Network Center &
Mr. Les Laky, Co-founder, Fiber Internet Center

October 27, 2003, Working Group
"Battery-powered Radio Networks for Industrial Control: A Technologically Viable Path...or Just Hype?"

Second Working Group of the Smart Items Business Forum.

October 15, 2003, Interactive Panel Discussion
"Open Source as the Foundry for an Ecosystem"

*October 2, 2003
"Worms and Viruses: How Should the Internet Community Fight Back?"
Pub Master: Mr. Ames Cornish, Managing Partner, Montebello Partners

*September 4, 2003
"10 Things About J2EE and .NET That Drive Developers Nuts"
By Mr. Frank Cohen, Founder, PushToTest & Member, Technology Council, Silicon Valley World Internet Center

*August 7, 2003
"Smartcards in Healthcare: Improving Quality of Patient Care and Medical Research"

By Mr. Dmitriy M. Kruglyak, Principal, Aquave Group, LLC
Note: This Pub is a Fund-Raiser for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

July 22, 2003, Working Group
"SIBF: Business Applications of Distributed Sensors & Sensor Networks"
First Working Group of the Smart Items Business Forum

June 30, 2003, Auto ID Salon
"Adoption and Applicability of RFID in Supply Chain Management"
Salon Master: Mr. Dean Frew, President, Xterprise Corporation

*June 5, 2003
"Launching into the Next Generation of Silicon Valley: How to use your Relationship Network Effectively"
By Mr. Bob Karr, Founder, Link Silicon Valley

June 3, 2003, Technology Briefing
"Business and Technical Objectives for Low Cost Smart Items"
By Dr. Richard Swan, Technical Director for Auto-ID, SAP Corporate Research

May 13, 2003, Executive Briefing
"Challenges and Rewards of Driving Innovation: Taking the Thought Leadership Approach"

By Prof. Dr. Lutz Heuser, Vice President and Chief Development Architect, SAP Corporate Research, SAP AG

May 8, 2003, Challenge-the-Expert
"IBM's Vision for the Next Generation Data Center Enabled by Commercial Grids"

By Mr. Mark Cathcart, IBM Distinguished Engineer; Member, IBM Academy of Technology; IBM On Demand Systems Environment Architecture and Design, IBM Corporation

*May 1, 2003
"Smart Electronic Note Taking for the Fujitsu Tablet PC"
By Mr. Chris Holmes, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships, Mindjet LLC, In collaboration with the Center's Executive Sponsor, Fujitsu

April 24, 2003, Auto ID Salon
"What Are Our Greatest Technology Challenges in This Market Space?"
Salon Master: Mr. Dinesh Vadhia, Founder, fortyone

April 9, 2003, Special Presentation
"Are We There Yet? A Look at Technology and Where We Expected to be by Now"

By Dr. Bob Glass, Futurist, and Fellow, Silicon Valley World Internet Center

*April 3, 2003
"Sun Microsystems and the Auto-ID Center"
By Mr. Markus Weber, Systems Engineer, iForce Solution Center, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

March 20, 2003, Challenge-the-Expert
"Solving the Complexity Challenge in the Design of Electronic Systems"
By Dr. Horst Salzwedel, Chief Technology Officer and President, MLDesign Technologies

* March 6, 2003
"The Promise of Cost-effective Broadband: Breakthroughs at the Fiber Internet Center"
By Mr. Bob Evans, Co-Founder, Fiber Internet Center &
Mr. Les Laky, Co-Founder, Fiber Internet Center

* February 6, 2003
"The New, New Media - How Networked RFID Readers Create a New Commercial Medium"
By Dr. Richard Swan, Director of Corporate Research, SAP Labs LLC

* February 6, 2003, CANCELLED
"IP-VPNs: Making Sense of All the Options"
By Mr. David Lowe, Director of IP Network Services, US Division, Cable & Wireless

February 06, 2003, Executive Briefing; Cancelled
"Due Diligence in Selecting a VPN Provider to Maximize the Impact to Your Business"

January 29, 2003, Challenge the Expert
"When, oh, When, Will the RFID Explosion Really Happen? What Needs to Be in Place First and What is Missing Now?"
By Mr. Dean Frew, President, Xterprise, Inc.