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Pub Talk

Pub Masters: Mr. George Sidman, President, Monterey Network Center
& Mr. Les Laky, Co-Founder, Fiber Internet Center
5:00 p.m.: Networking
5:30 p.m.: Pub Exchange
6:30 p.m.: Networking
7:00 p.m.: Pub Closes!
Open to the Public. Fee: $15 (cash or check, payable at the door).

The market for wireless -- as an alternative to T1 and Fiber, and in many cases to DSL and Cable Modem -- is in for quite a boom. Wireless in the "last mile'" has the potential of rapidly and dramatically increasing bandwidth to office buildings, residences and hotspots by providing faster-than-copper wireless multi-point services. Broadband wireless subscriber revenues will reach around $17 billion in 2005 according IGI. According to Ovum, by 2008, there will be 16 million lines. The questions heard most often are about using licensed versus unlicensed frequencies:

  • *Is security adequate?
  • Will wireless at hotspots be free?

Please join our Pub Masters, George Sidman and Les Laky, for a hot discussion. George Sidman is the President of Monterey Network Center ( and Les Laky is the Co-Founder of the Fiber Internet Center (

This Power Pub is aimed at the deployment of broadband wireless systems in both domestic and international markets and the reason wireless networks represent an attractive business model. The discussion will specifically address key issues of licensed versus unlicensed frequencies, the adequacy of wireless security, and whether hotspots will be free.


George Sidman is a proven entrepreneur with a 20 year track record in launching and growing successful software companies in the information sciences. In 1984, he founded INLEX, Inc., which quickly became a leading provider of library automation systems worldwide. He is the Founder and President of Nousoft, Inc., (1994), a software company specializing in very large-scale object management technologies. Mr. Sidman also is the founder of Arista Systems, Inc., (1997), a venture capital funded distance-learning company.

Currently, he is Founder & President of Monterey Network Center, a regional web commerce provider. In this capacity, he provides leadership for company formation and growth, technology development, marketing, and sales. Mr. Sidman has conducted successful financings in public and private markets. Among his other accomplishments, he is a licensed architect and developer of award-winning sports facilities; and a consultant and public speaker to the information sciences community. In total, Mr. Sidman has started 7 companies over the last 25 years, all of which are operating successfully today.


Les Laky ( is the CTO of New Access International, a fixed broadband wireless service provider with operations in the United States and South America. He is Co-Founder of the Fiber Internet Center of Palo Alto, intent on reducing the cost of connecting to the fiber optic network and upgrading customers to the faster speeds.

Mr. Laky was also one of the founders of MediaCity, a successfully Palo Alto ISP acquired by SoftNet in 1996. He is a telecom and Nortel veteran, a pioneer in cable modem technology, and an active participant and advisor to several start-up ventures as a co-founder of Internet Inventions. In addition, Mr. Laky is the Keeper of DomainKeep, a private domain name registration service.