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Strategic Roundtable

"Key Issues for California Homeland Security: Shaping a Collaborative Research Agenda. "

December 9, 2003

Invitation only.

The Silicon Valley World Internet Center is conducting an invitation-only Strategic Roundtable Session around the area of research opportunities and funding sources in the State of California for Homeland Security. On Tuesday, December 9, 2003, the Center will convene a group of 18-20 representatives from the Office of Homeland Security for the State of California and other government representatives, along with research institutions, and potential high technology partners. SAP Corporate Research is sponsoring this session.

The objectives of this Strategic Roundtable Session are to:

  • outline the research agendas according to Homeland Security for the State of California;
  • define a strategy on how to accomplish and transfer research results in this area; and
  • discuss funding models for public-private partnerships to share resources and risks appropriately.