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Pub Talk

"10 Things About J2EE and .NET That Drive Developers Nuts"
By Mr. Frank Cohen, Founder, PushToTest & Member, Technology Council, Silicon Valley World Internet Center
5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Open to the Public. The Pub Talk begins at 6:00 p.m.

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By now in the Internet revolution, businesses building and operating Web-enabled applications, especially Web Services, know that consistently delivering user satisfaction and reducing unnecessary costs requires the combined efforts of software developers, QA technicians, and IT managers.

At this Pub Talk, Mr. Cohen will share his perceptions of what is happening in the real world of enterprise software development. He will present his "Top 10 List" and provide valuable knowledge to avoid these problems in your own business.

Mr. Cohen offers attendees and the Center's community free access to his upcoming book, "Push To Test: The Automated Way to Java Web Development, Scalable Architecture, and Testing" (Prentice Hall Publishing, coming later this year.) To view his book online and download selected chapters, visit (


Frank Cohen is the "go to" guy when enterprises need to test and solve scalability and performance problems in complex interoperating information systems, especially Web Services. Mr. Cohen is Founder of PushToTest, a test automation solutions business and author of several books on testing and designing information systems.

For the past 20 years, he has led some of the software industry's most successful products, including Norton Utilities for the Macintosh, Stacker, and SoftWindows. His career accomplishments include: writing operating systems for microcomputers; helping establish video games as an industry; helping to launch the Norton Utilities franchise; leading Apple's efforts into middleware and Internet technologies; and, most recently, serving as Principal Architect for the Sun Community Server, (OTC: IINC), and

Mr. Cohen serves as an active member and past board member of the Software Developers Forum, the leading computer software industry association in the Silicon Valley, and is a member of the Technology Council for the Silicon Valley World Internet Center. For a more complete bio, visit (


PushToTest ( maintains TestMaker, a free open-source utility for building intelligent test agents to check Web Services for scalability, performance, and functionality. PushToTest Global Services customizes TestMaker to an enterprise's specific needs, conducts scalability and performance tests, and trains enterprise developers, QA analysts, and IT managers on how to use the test environment. This unique business approach delivers inexpensive solutions, expert insight, and immediate results.


For further information, please contact:

Mr. Frank Cohen
2248 Montezuma Drive
Campbell, CA 95008
T: 408.374.7426
F: 408.374.1458