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By Dr. Marguerite Raaen, Vice President of Business Development, Metiom, Inc. (formerly Intelisys Electronic Commerce)
5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Pub Talk starts at 6:00 p.m. Open to the public.

Marguerite Raaen will discuss the phenomenal growth of Internet-based eMarketplaces that bring sponsors and their customers together to increase their purchasing power, grow revenues and strengthen relationships. These online exchanges, which include ePurchase, sponsored by Chase Manhattan Bank; Intuit's QuickBooks Purchasing Service; First Union Corporation's small and medium-sized business exchange; and Commonfind, the first electronic marketplace designed specifically for the education market, are being rolled out to more than six million businesses with over $1 trillion in annual purchasing power.

Ms. Raaen will explain Metiom ConnectTrade, a product suite that enables electronic inter-networking of buyers and suppliers that allows purchasers to order goods and services online directly from suppliers' electronic catalogues. Metiom ConnectTrade products fully support leading Internet commerce standards and are easily integrated into a buying organization's existing systems. The Metiom ConnectTrade solution powers Internet purchasing for Global 2000 corporations and large public sector entities. It also provides the foundation for eMarketplaces where buyers and sellers of all sizes and levels of technological sophistication can trade. Each Metiom-powered marketplace allows buyers to search, compare and purchase goods and services from a vast array of suppliers, create purchase orders and choose a payment method, track and control their purchasing. And…suppliers have the unique ability to manage the look, feel and content of their own catalogue.


Marguerite Raaen joined Metiom from IBM where she held various senior level management positions in sales, marketing, product development, and research. At Metiom, Dr. Raaen is responsible for directing the firm's business development efforts. As manager of IBM's Emerging Technologies department, she led a distinguished group of PhD's in exploring new technologies for IBM's top customer accounts. Her work in expert systems and intelligent agents led to several joint industry engagements for IBM. Dr. Raaen and her worldwide team in IBM's CIO's office improved by introducing a new, self-service design for Contact IBM. The initiative, the result of data gathered from thousands of international eMails and customer trials, dramatically cut the cost of handling over 50,000 monthly customer eMails, and led to new customers for IBM in eMail management, data mining, and web self-service. Dr. Raaen holds several degrees in psychology, education, and computer science. She has authored two books and 120 papers. In 1999, she and her teammates won a patent for IBM in Natural Language Processing/Categorization technology.


Metiom, Inc. (pronounced Mee-tee-um and formerly Intelisys Electronic Commerce) (, is a leading provider of eMarketplace solutions used by Global 2000 companies, large public sector organizations, and small businesses. The Metiom ConnectTrade(tm) suite of products is a dynamic, open e-procurement solution that connects businesses of all sizes as buyers and suppliers over the Internet to deliver the true promise of B2B eCommerce. Metiom ConnectTrade automates corporate purchasing online and is based on open standards, real-time Supplier-Managed Catalogs and Point-and-Click Purchasing. Metiom solutions deliver the easiest and fastest way to dramatically reduce the high cost of enterprise purchasing while generating new revenue streams by turning buyers into suppliers overnight.

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