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"The Center is a very effective voice in Silicon Valley. It provides
a forum for communicating and testing new ideas and allows us an avenue
for engaging an emerging and innovative e-business community."

John Patrick (retired)
Vice President, Internet Technology, IBM Corporation




Engaging the Services

Center clients access a well-established network to leverage knowledge and relationships to their benefit. Companies, organizations and governments engage the services of the Center on a for-fee basis. Custom sessions outside of the following forms may be coordinated, with prices adjusted accordingly.

Corporate Sponsorship

The World Internet Center welcomes corporations, governments and other organizations as Corporate Sponsors. For a fee of $9,900 for 2005, a Corporate Sponsor receives a custom marketing session plus access to a concerted marketing channel for product announcements and white papers promoted through the Center's eNewsletter and web site. Sponsors benefit from discounted rates for packages of additional services. Members of the sponsoring organization have free access to monthly sessions, seat on the Sponsor Council, and several additional benefits.

2005 Corporate Sponsorship Program 246kb

Custom Packages

Clients may choose to develop a custom package of services, receiving a 5% discount for two or more services paid for in advance. Clients benefit from on-going series of knowledge exchange or marketing sessions, building content, focus, and relationships of strategic benefit over time.

Forms of Custom Services 296kb

Ad Hoc Services

Clients may access the Center's services on an ad hoc basis to promote their solutions and thought leadership, or to glean strategic insights into new technologies, markets, and products. Individual services are outlined in the following reference form. Customized services are available.