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"The Silicon Valley World Internet Center organizes and maintains
an excellent communityconsisting of system vendors, startups,
venture capitalists, consultants and scholars. I believe this community
is one of the centers for new-value creation. Through the Center
we garner insights about new markets and technologies,
and we also find vital partners."

Maasaki Isomura
Executive Director, Strategic Planning, Fujitsu Software Corporation


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The Center and Its Services

The Silicon Valley World Internet Center leverages expert knowledge and relationships for the benefit of its clients. By coordinating high-level exchanges of strategic knowledge among technology producers, innovators, and end-users, the Center shortens and sharpens its clients' strategic decision process. In its ninth year in Silicon Valley, this for-profit corporation delivers timely insights into emerging technologies and developing markets that saves its clients time, money, and resources. Additionally, the Center provides an optimal window into Silicon Valley for the promotion of its clients' brand, key messages, and products.

Your Return on Investment

The Center delivers value to its clients, through:

  • Leveraging Strategic Knowledge
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Strategic Support for Business Alliances

Our clients are innovators and leaders in the Internet-driven industry. We deliver to them:

  • Time- and cost-effective knowledge that complements their strategic research
  • Customer intelligence that validates their strategic product planning and market launches
  • Insights from Silicon Valley that provide competitive advantage for planning and partnering
  • Opportunities to explore crucial partnerships to move ahead of the game
  • Showcasing of product and leadership to a community of innovators and early adopters

2005 Corporate Sponsors

About SAP Corporate Research and SAP®

SAP Corporate Research ( is the technology research department of SAP engaged in applied research and development at various research centers worldwide. Targeted to establish SAP as the thought leader in the area of innovative and breakthrough information technology, SAP Corporate Research determines the business value of new technologies and introduces new technology and concepts for future solutions that will be of strategic importance to SAP customers. Passed on to appropriate SAP development groups, the new technology will be integrated into new or existing SAP offerings.

SAP Corporate Research spreads its research and development efforts around the globe, currently at 8 locations, gathering and exchanging innovative knowledge worldwide. Additionally SAP Corporate Research remains close to the customer with SAP Field groups and carefully selected research organizations in order to adapt research activities quickly to both global and local requirements. Through target investigations, creativity, and strong forward thinking, SAP Corporate Research is well known as "the Innovative Force Behind Tomorrow's Technology" and has gained the status of a trusted advisor for SAP technology activities and decisions.

SAP® is the world's leading provider of business software solutions and with subsidiaries in over 50 countries, the world's third-largest independent software supplier. Through the mySAP® Business Suite, people doing business around the globe are improving relationships with customers and partners, streamlining operations, and achieving significant efficiencies throughout their supply chains.

Current and Past Clients

  • Amdocs
  • Archstone Consulting
  • Cable & Wireless
  • Cisco
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Fujitsu
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • IBM
  • SAP
  • Sun Microsystems