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Think Tank Session

The Role of Open Standards in the Expanding eBusiness Economy

Wednesday, June 28, 2000


Twenty-five by invitation only participants will contribute to defining the challenges, obstacles, and future role of open standards in the expanding eBusiness economy. The objective of the Think Tank Session is to delineate key challenges to open standards and to outline the technological and business issues surrounding open source vs. proprietary application solutions.

Session I:
The Importance of Open Standards on the New Economy
Led by Mr. Scott Hebner, Director of e-Business Marketing, IBM Corporation
  • As more sophisticated and complete business solutions are implemented, deployed, and evolve, how important is it to continue to base solutions on open standards?

Session II:
Key Challenges to Sustaining Open Standards
  • Given open standards are important, then what is the best way to sustain these open standards?
  • Is the role that open source plays in driving open standards the optimal approach?

Session III:
Application Solutions: Open Source vs Proprietary
Led by Mr. Cliff Miller, Chairman, TurboLinux,Inc.
  • Assuming open source is an essential element in driving open standards, then, how important is it that the solution's design criteria should be based on the adoption of open source vs. proprietary?

Session IV:
Key Observations and Open Discussion


For possible participation in the Think Tank Session and for further information, please contact Dr. Venilde Jeronimo, Director of Programs, by email (