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Think Tank Session

"Breaking the Barrier: B2B Mobile Computing --
a Dream or a Reality for the Next 12-18 Month Markets?"
Thursday, June 1, 2000, 8:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

What mission-critical mobile applications will permeate the next 12-18 month B2B markets? What challenges will technologists face to arrive at these new applications?  What factors will define successful business implementation of  today's existing mobile applications?  And, which aspects of mobile business needs will call for new technologies and applications?

Twenty-five invitation only participants will contribute to defining the challenges, obstacles, and current and future solutions of real world case studies in the business realm of mobile computing. During this Think Tank Session participants will create solutions around several real world case studies on transportation and financial markets (tba). The objective of the Think Tank Session is to delineate key challenges to existing mobile business cases and to outline technological and business applications as possible solutions.

Guiding Questions for the Think Tank Session:
  • Now that we live in a mobile workplace, what mobile applications and scenarios will will permeate the next B2B 12-18 month markets?

  • More importantly, what B2B mobile computing applications need to be developed in order for them to become mainstream? Are there business scenarios we can anticipate?

  • What logistical or information problems can now be resolved in the New Economy's mobile marketplace through the development of these applications?

  • What new technology problems do we face in the mobile marketplace and which ones can we still not resolve?

  • How do we integrate and deliver information from traditional, centralized communications systems to mobile devices?  And to what extent does the centralized system need to be aware that users are mobile?

  • How can we better implement existing mobile applications? What are the obstacles?

  • What challenges can we expect for the deployment of mobile applications and how can we prepare to meet and implement them?

For possible participation, contact the Center's Director of Programs, Venilde Jeronimo, by email (