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***PUB TALK:  THURSDAY, MAY 25, 2000
By Hartmut Schwesinger, CEO, Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH
5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
Open to the Public with Pub Talk at 6:00 p.m.

For all interested in opening up your company's activities in Germany, this is a key presentation for you.  Hartmut Schwesinger will discuss technical and business opportunities in the Frankfurt region for your company to take advantage of one of Europe's most dynamic and future oriented clusters for telecommunications and eBusinesses.  With major international telcos, such as MCIWorldCom, Deutsche Telekom, Colt Telecom, Level3, Metromedia Fiber Networks, Frankfurt offers plenty of opportunities for new market entrants. Adding to this excellent infrastructure is Continental Europe's largest Internet knot, the so-called "DE-CIX", which amounts to 85% of all German Internet traffic.

Frankfurt is considered the "heart" of the German Internet.


The Frankfurt/Rhine Main region is strategically located in the center of Europe.  As most major European cities are accessible within two hours by plane car or train, you can do business in almost every European market in "one" business day.  Through the largest airport on the European continent with the most connections to North-America (280 per week), the concept of international business becomes more practical. San Francisco is just 10 hours away from Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is the No. 1 location for financial services in Europe. The European Central Bank and the Deutsche Bank are the largest of 375 banks located in this region.  This strong financial presence gives you fast access to capital for your investments. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange - one of the most important in Europe, with its Neuer Markt, offers going public as the perfect continuation of and conclusion to Venture Capital investments in young and growing companies. The Neuer Markt is Europe's No.1 trading place for technology stocks.


Dr. Hartmut Schwesinger has been Chief Executive of Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH since January 1, 1994.  Dr. Schwesinger was the first to introduce an Internet homepage for Frankfurt in 1994/95, picking up early trends from the  Silicon Valley he called this platform "Frankfurt Digital Marketplace." (  Prior to this, he worked for Deutsche Shell AG of the Royal Dutch Shell Group.