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By Halleck ( & Viant ( 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Pub Talk starts at 6:00 p.m.
Open to the public. Further information below.


Halleck is a premier marketing services agency that helps our clients build deeper and more profitable relationships with their customers through 1) excellent strategy, 2) superior design and 3) intelligent use of technology. In a growing one-to-one marketing environment, Halleck offers its clients highly personalized products and services, using the most creative communications and technology. Halleck believes the power of one-to-one marketing will define the brands of the next century.


Viant builds and grows digital businesses for the world's leading companies. Its services include concept and strategy development, incubation, and designing, building and growing digital business. Viant is committed to innovation -- to help businesses develop digital strategies and solution to achieve results today... and tomorrow. Viant continuously researches what it takes for businesses to succeed in the digital economy, today and tomorrow. Viant consultants are the best and brightest strategists, creatives, and technologists in the industry. These extraordinary people define Viants vital culture, which is rooted in constant innovation, learning, teamwork, knowledge sharing, and growth. Its clients know from experience that our people and culture are what fundamentally differentiate us and drive the quality of our work. Viant has grown organically, attracting and nurturing each team member and building each office one at a time. To open a local market, a mature office incubates a new one, putting a core, Viant-experienced team in place to instill our culture and process.
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