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Contact: Ms. Claire Kahrobaie
Manager of Client Services
Silicon Valley World Internet Center
T: 650-462-9800


Incucomm and Silicon Valley World Internet Center
produce series of fora to share understanding of
adoption plans, barriers and brand perceptions

PALO ALTO, CA, October 22, 2002 - On October 24, 2002, Incucomm Consulting ( and the Silicon Valley World Internet Center ( will produce the first in a series of fora based on market research that shows that up to 80 percent of U.S. firms plan to invest in some form of mobile enterprise solutions in the next 12 to 18 months, creating one of the few areas for high growth in IT (information technology) solutions.

These fora will be the first opportunity for firms providing all aspects of mobile enterprise solutions to discuss adoption with end users. Leading firms supporting mobile enterprise solutions such as SAP, Sun and Ericsson will participate in the programs at the Center in Palo Alto.

"There are still millions of mobile workers who carry a clipboard and paper as their primary means of data processing," said Dr. Susan Duggan, CEO of the Center. "We thought it was time to take a serious look at adoption of mobile IT solutions, and we decided it needed to be done across the entire mobile and enterprise IT value chains.

" The market research, commissioned by the Center and conducted by Incucomm Consulting, a Knowledge Network Partner of the Center, covers a wide range of IT topics and Mobile Work Force Automation.

"The research data show a projected penetration of any single mobile IT solution ranging from over 80 percent for simple functions like e-mail, to about 25 percent for specialized solutions that are highly integrated to the specific operations of a company," said Incucomm Managing Director of Mobility Solutions Dean Frew. "Over 30 percent of respondents have at least one of these functionally specific solutions, such as sales or service support, in use today, and this will grow to almost 50 percent in 2 years or less. Our data also says that we will see more than more than 25 percent of respondents with at least three of these areas supported with a targeted solution."

The first forum will focus on mobile supply chain management. The series will continue in 2003. Attendance is limited. Firms interested in participation can contact the Center at 650-462-9800 or by email to Claire Kahrobaie at

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The Silicon Valley World Internet Center is a think tank and showcase for the advancement of Internet-related technologies, products and markets. A multi-corporate, third-party forum, the Center coordinates collaboration among technology leaders and key end-users. The Center, a for-profit, fee-for-service corporation, focuses primarily on the areas of eBusiness, eServices and wireless communication.

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