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Contact: Ms. Susan Barich
Director of Client Services
Silicon Valley World Internet Center


PALO ALTO, CA, March 14, 2002 - If configuration planning for your large Web server is becoming an increasingly difficult task, Noshir Wadia, senior technical staff member of the IBM High-Volume Web Sites team (, may provide you with solutions at this evening's ( Pub gathering from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. at the Center in Palo Alto.

As the hardware and software structure of large Web sites becomes more complex, CIOs and their teams struggle with the challenges of minimizing downtime and bottlenecks and maximizing the use of the hardware and software that comprises their e-business infrastructure.

"As e-business and its related requirements grow at 'Web speed,'" said Wadia, "a critical issue is whether the IT infrastructure supporting Web sites provides available, scalable, fast, and efficient access to the company's information, products, and services."

The infrastructure supporting most high-volume Web sites (HVWSs) typically consists of multiple components which include clients, the network, and multiple layers of machines. Each layer, or tier, handles a particular set of functions, such as serving content, providing integration business environments, or processing data-base transactions.

Wadia, who has held many leadership positions in architecture and performance throughout his IBM career and who has authored papers in the area of performance, is currently leading a team to develop simulation for performance and capacity estimates. He is also working with large IBM customers on Web site performance issues.

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