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The Role of Open Source and Open Standards in the Expanding eBusiness Economy

Wednesday, May 31, 2000
6:00 - 8:00 p.m. at the Silicon Valley World Internet Center

Open to the Public.
Limit: 60 audience participants.
Fee: $10.00 (Payable by cash or check at day of event. No fee to Sponsors.)

RSVP to Venilde Jeronimo, the Center's Director of Programs,


  • Mr. George Sidman, Founder & President, Monterey Network Center

Panel of Experts

  • Mr. Scott Hebner, Program Director of e-Business Technology Marketing, IBM Corporation
  • Mr. Cliff Miller, Chairman, CEO & Director, TurboLinux
  • Mr. Doug Miller, Group Product Manager for Competitive & Interoperability Strategies, Microsoft Corporation
  • Mr. Arno Puder, Project Manager, Deutsche Telekom


Executive Sponsors of, and others associated with, the Center will discuss the Open Source Movement and its impact on the expanding eBusiness economy. Is open source software creating a new vision for the software industry? If so, will it succeed and where is it going?

The various essays in the controversial 1999 volume "Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution" clearly claim open development builds better software and emphasize that businesses can leverage freely available software for a competitive business advantage. The Open Source Movement has rocketed and divided the software industry. Is the widespread adoption of Linux, Perl, and Apache a trend or a revolution for the software industry?

What about the corporate support given to the Open Source Movement by IBM, Netscape, and Oracle?  Is this a short-term phenomena or is it a larger issue, calling for new directions in the future of software development?

Come participate in our open dialogue with our panel on this fast-growing industry movement.

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