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PALO ALTO, CA., July 10, 2000--
On June 29, 2000, the Silicon Valley World Internet Center (http://www.worldinternet launched their Knowledge Network and next generation of partnerships and sponsors of the Center. "Let us grow the Internet Economy through the power of collaboration," called CEO and co-founder, Dr. Susan J. Duggan as she outlined two new levels of sponsorship now available at the Center and welcomed new Knowledge Network Partners, Click Magazine and High Performance Resources. In a lively event celebrating the Summer Solstice -- a time for reflection and growth -- the Center welcomed over 160 high-level executives and entrepreneurs from around the Silicon Valley and the world. Duggan underlined the importance of collaborating in a fully balanced Knowledge Network that brings together key producers of technologies, end-users and individuals for the advancement of eMarkets. This basis serves the high-level exchange of information, ideas, and insights shaping the future of the Internet Economy. She called for large technology producers to collaborate at the Center with the dot.coms, small enterprises, entrepreneurs, visionaries, governments, academia, NGOs and end-users.

Duggan announced two new levels of sponsorship in addition to the current level of Executive Sponsor: Associate and Affiliate Sponsor. Associate Sponsors will be mid-sized, innovative producers of technologies and applications and established dot.coms, as well as key end-users of Internet-based processes. Affiliate Sponsors will be pre-IPO, innovative companies and other small, cutting-edge producers of technologies and applications. All sponsors, including the current Executive Sponsors (IBM, SAP, Deutsche Telekom, Hewlett-Packard, Amdocs, and Sun Microsystems) comprise a distinguished, select group of innovators in the Internet Revolution.

The Center welcomed, that evening, two new Knowledge Network Partners: Click Magazine and High Performance Resources. Both of these companies focus on the impact of the individual human being on the Internet Economy. They both complement the core focus of the Center on cutting-edge technologies and business models.

Click Magazine ( is the hottest new magazine in the Silicon Valley writing about key thought leaders and innovators shaping the future of the Internet Economy. The Silicon Valley World Internet Center will have a column each month to highlight the trends and discussions at the Center, as well as the new technologies and directions of its Sponsors.

High Performance Resources (HPR) ( helps organizations attract, retain, and convert their human capital to shareholder value. This includes high-level executive search consulting; organizational planning; and executive education around the attention and attraction of key human capital in a new, knowledge-based economy. In collaboration with the Center, HPR will provide seminars on this topic for the first time to the public beginning in August 2000.


The Center is a dynamic physical and vitrual portal bringing together technology leaders and customers to advance - through collaboration- Internet-related technolgies and eMarkets. The Executive Sponsors of the Center include Amdocs, Inc., Deutsche Telecom, Hewlett-Packard Company, IBM Corporation, SAP and Sun Microsystems