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San Francisco, April 19, 2004 - Archstone Consulting ( today announced its commitment to support innovation in the technology and business communities through corporate sponsorship of the Silicon Valley World Internet Center ( Archstone Consulting joins the eight-year-old, Palo Alto-based innovation platform as a management consulting industry representative to the Center's corporate sponsorship program.

Archstone Consulting intends, through its sponsorship of the World Internet Center, to contribute to the vitality of Silicon Valley's technology community by leveraging its deep expertise in business issues that influence innovation in today's economic environment.

"Archstone Consulting believes that the Internet will be a major factor in the economic recovery, and how businesses advance their interests," said Eric Schlumpf, principal and global manufacturing practice leader for Archstone Consulting in San Francisco. "The Internet is fundamental to success of the Northern California business community and we look forward to contributing, with our World Internet Center partners, to its growth as a tool for delivering value to the business community as a whole."

"Archstone Consulting brings to the World Internet Center a unique understanding of the business issues that influence innovation," said Dr. Susan Duggan, CEO of the Silicon Valley World Internet Center. "Technologic advancement is intrinsically linked to business success -- you cannot have one without the other. For that reason, we are especially pleased to welcome Archstone Consulting and its contributions to the Center's innovation dialogue."

Archstone Consulting is an independent business strategy and operations consulting firm specializing in manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, life sciences and business and consumer services sectors. Focused on innovation, growth and value, Archstone Consulting's expertise includes product development, complex manufacturing and supply chain operations, strategic sourcing and information technology effectiveness. Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, the company has offices in New York, Chicago and San Francisco.

For additional information, visit the company's Website at

The Silicon Valley World Internet Center is a for-profit corporation for the advancement of Internet-related technologies and markets. A dynamic think tank and showcase, the Center leverages strategic knowledge and relationships for the benefit of its clients. In its eighth year in the Silicon Valley, the Center provides a multi-corporate forum and the professional facilitation for the validation of products, technologies, and strategic directions for producers of technologies and end-users.

The objective of the Silicon Valley World Internet Center is to provide a powerful and effective center -- a third-party forum and nexus of innovators for clients from Internet- and communications-based industries, governments and enterprise end-users to explore near- and medium-term solutions for advanced communications, business processes and security. The Center delivers an ongoing series of multi-organizational sessions, around such topics as business applications for sensor networks, RFID applications for supply chain management, future of wireless broadband, convergence of nano- and bio-technology with IT, among other cutting-edge topics. The Center's Corporate Sponsorship Program highlights key advances made by members of the program, bringing innovations into a multi-corporate community of developers and end-users.

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