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Councils and Fellows

The Silicon Valley World Internet Center Technology Council is comprised of technologists representing the breadth of innovation in the Silicon Valley. Members of the Technology Council contribute their expertise to the Center's programs and special services for its clients. All members have extensive international experience which informs their thinking about the global deployment of technology applications. Their input is an integral part of our dynamic Knowledge Network. We thank our Technology Council members for their continued contributions.

Technology Council
-George Sidman, Chair
-Terry Beaubois
-Patric Carlsson
-Adam Cheyer
-Frank Cohen
-Rick Ellinger
-Ray Paquette
-Frank Schwartz



International Council
-Walter Reichert, Chair
-Edwin Culp
-Stephen Keese



eBusiness Council
-Horst E. Lehrheuer
-Robert Noakes
-Warren D. Raisch



-Tom Buckholtz
-Robert Cooper
-Bob Glass
-Charlie Pfefferkorn
-Sally Richards
-Horst Salzwedel



Technology Council

George Sidman, Chair
George Sidman is a proven entrepreneur with a 20 year track record in launching and growing successful software companies in the information sciences. In 1984, he founded INLEX, Inc. which quickly became a leading provider of library automation systems worldwide. He is the Founder and President of Nousoft, Inc., (1994), a software company specializing in very large-scale object management technologies. Mr. Sidman also is the founder of Arista Systems, Inc., (1997), a venturecapital, funded distance-learning company. Currently, he is Founder & President of The Monterey Network Center, (1998) a regional web commerce provider. In this capacity, he provides leadership for company formation and growth, technology development, marketing, and sales. Furthermore, Mr. Sidman has conducted successful financings in public and private markets. Among his other accomplishments, he is a licensed architect and developer of award-winning sports facilities; and a consultant and public speaker to the information sciences community. In total, he has started 7 companies over the last 25 years, all of which are operating successfully today.

Terry Beaubois
In 1992, Mr. Beaubois established RDCinteractive, Inc. which has specialized in the application of innovative computer technology in business, employing CD-ROMs, web sites, and Internet-based information management systems. RDCi has pioneered the application of many new computer capabilities, including the use of Virtual Reality software on both CD-ROMs and websites. RDCi's work includes the design and production of the MASCO Virtual Reality Show Home, a virtual tour of a residential show home with over 80 locations from which to the view the house and query information about products in each room. RDCi has designed website for companies including Sunset magazine, Price Pfister, and Trus Joist/Weyerhaeuser. Mr. Beaubois has been the editor of magazine supplements about the use of computer technology in design and business; and has guest lectured at universities, as well as speaking at national conventions -- including the AIA, AEC, NAHB, conferences -- on the topic of advanced computer use in design and business. Mr. Beaubois received a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Michigan in 1973. From 1976 -1985 Mr. Beaubois was a member of a joint committee of the AIA (American Institute of Architects) and NASA, which studied aerospace technology for potential application in other industries. Through his activities with the Space Agency, Mr. Beaubois became involved in using the Internet, advanced 3D computer graphics, and virtual reality technologies in the early 1980's. Terry A. Beaubois, AIA & Associates was formed in 1985 and since then has been a leader in the use of computers in architectural design. In 1985 Mr. Beaubois received a NASA Headquarters grant to study the transfer of aerospace technology into the building industry. The work of Terry A. Beaubois, AIA & associates has been featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, including Computer Graphics World, Architectural Record, Sunset magazine, and the New York Times.

Patric Carlsson
Patric Carlsson started Research, Strategy and Business in 1997. RSB has delivered research, strategy and business development activities to several high-profile customers. Patric was also director of international business development at Mspect, Inc. Patric maintains an affiliate relationship with the Institute For The Future, where he has helped deliver technology forecasts on mobile / wireless scenarios on Europe, Japan and the U.S. markets to clients such as Ericsson, Nokia, and Telia. Other involvement's include new product development in collaborative and broadband technologies for several multinational telco's/cellco's, as well as strategic market reports for European carriers looking into new markets and business opportunities. Patric has also conducted several speaker engagements around and about the emerging mobile marketplace. He received his master's degree from the Danish Kaospilot University. He also holds a B.A. in journalism from Ljungskile College, Sweden, as well as a typography/graphic design degree. His primary interest is consumer and market research for mobile futures. He also conducts and publishes ongoing research on consumers, markets, products and strategies for wireless applications and infrastructure companies.

Adam Cheyer
Adam Cheyer is Vice President of Engineering at Dejima, a provider of solutions for enterprises and service providers that need to arm mobile employees and end-users with direct access to critical data. As the former Vice President of Engineering at VerticalNet, Mr. Cheyer was responsible for development organizations delivering products for consortium marketplaces, private markets, and extended enterprise solutions. Mr. Cheyer has 15 years experience in a variety of roles, including software engineer, research scientist, consultant, lecturer, and technical manager. In the areas of distributed computing, intelligent agents, and advanced user interfaces, he is the author of more than forty-five peer-reviewed publications and nine patents. As Senior Scientist in the AI Center and co-director of the Computer Human Interaction Center at SRI International, he lead a multidisciplinary team of researchers exploring web-services, distributed knowledge, and pervasive computing. While at Bull S.A., he was lead developer and architect for NOEMIE, a configuration expert system used to manage Bull's line of 30,000 hardware and software products worldwide. Adam received a bachelor's degree with highest honors from Brandeis University and was awarded "outstanding master's student" from UCLA.

Frank Cohen
Frank Cohen is the founder of PushToTest, which offers free open-source test software, and global services solutions that test, monitor and automate Web Service systems for functionality, scalability and performance. The result is the right size data center, better software, and happy users. Frank is known as a leading architect, developer and published author on building complex, interoperable software. He specializes in helping software developers design, create and bring to market innovative market leading products. For the past 20 years he has lead some of the software industry's most successful products, including Norton Utilities for the Macintosh, Stacker, and SoftWindows. Frank is a self-described Internet pioneer as senior manager of Apple's middleware technologies in the early 1990's and a founder of - Internet's first PC service center in 1997. He serves as an active member and past board member of the Software Entrepreneurs Forum, an industry association in the Silicon Valley of California.

Rick Ellinger
Rick Ellinger is a Venture Partner at Osprey Ventures, a $92 million fund which invests primarily in early- and expansion-stage companies in the business and consumer technology marketplace. In this capacity, Mr. Ellinger serves as interim Chief Executive Officer and board member for venture-funded companies, among other roles. He also provides expertise on strategic business and corporate development for firms in the following areas: optical communications and components; wireless devices and networks; networking equipment and security; business process automation software and network implementations; embedded client-end and realtime software for Internet use; and PDAs, cell phones, and integrated solution electronic products. Mr. Ellinger's past experience includes General Manager, Agilent Metro Networks Business Unit; President, Madge Networks; Director, Worldwide Communications, Hewlett-Packard Labs; Vice President Engineering & Manufacturing, ASKnet; and a member of the MFS Datanet (MCI Worldcom) Special Programs. Mr. Ellinger is an advisor to the Office of Technology Assessment for the U.S. Congress, Pacific Bell, Cellular One, Levi-Strauss, and the state of California's Office of Emergency Services. He is the founder and board member of the Wireless communications alliance.

Ray Paquette
Ray Paquette has 30 years of computing and business management experience. As Chief Technology Officer at Coopetition, Inc., he consults with international companies on wireless Internet connectivity. With Ensemble Systems, he manages definition and development of client/server and web-based applications, including the web presence of Stanford's Graduate School of Business and the infrastructure for the APX Power Exchange. For 10 years, he worked as Director of Engineering Services at Ilex Systems, overseeing business development, staffing and project technical directions for a multimillion software consulting business. While at Ilex, Mr. Paquette designed and directed a multimillion-dollar, graphical user-interface project featuring 150 custom screens and client/server architecture for managing operations of General Electric's nuclear reactors. Prior, he opened and managed Nixdorf Computer's point-of-sale development and served as Director of Application Science at NASA's Institute for Advanced Computations. Mr. Paquette also worked as Manager of General Electric's physics computation systems where he architected and managed the development of GENE's core loading and safety analysis programs. He has worked as a Senior Engineer at Martin Marietta and Westinghouse. He has a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering from University of Massachusetts, Lowell and a Master's in Nuclear Science and Engineering from the University of Florida. Mr. Paquette is a licensed Professional Nuclear Engineer in California. He also specializes in up-front analysis and documentation of client requirements, thereby defining success and establishing the development goals that deliver success. Mr. Paquette is a member of the Technology Council at the Silicon Valley World Internet Center.

Frank Schwartz
Frank Schwartz has over 25 years of experience in strategic planning, business development, hardware and software development, large scale infrastructure planning, intellectual property, and technical standards. Frank combines business development and contract negotiation experience with solid technical depth in hardware and software technologies in the convergence of digital information systems, wireless devices, and next-generation networks, developing winning business plans and strategies for multi-million dollar investment and revenue deals.

In his latest role developing and managing strategic alliances for Sun Microsystems, he combined entrepreneurial agility with the process disciplines of a top-tier technology company to spearhead new partner programs and product launch efforts, including: business analysis, roadmap synchronization, go-to-market planning, pricing and supplier changes, technology scoping and exchange, executive reviews, contract negotiations, and industry evangelism. He was part of the negotiating team that drew up the Master Agreement between Sun and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), a landmark deal for both companies. Previously, Frank was with the Office of the CTO at Sun, where he performed strategic assessment and planning, ROI analysis, product feature development, relationship management, and change management, and due diligence for Sun's M&A activities.

Prior to employment at Sun, Frank held business and technical development positions in a number of companies involved in digital information systems, wireless, and next-generation networks. He was VP of Global Business Development for a Dutch software company, Not a Number bv., where he led the business planning, marketing and licensing teams, spearheading the strategy to port their 3D software display product to Java, and drove relationships with Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, and DoCoMo. As VP of Business Development for Burst.Com, an innovator in digital video delivery systems, he retargeted their product, winning multi-million dollar licensing and investment deals in the video-on-demand, telco DSL, and mobile markets.

As an entrepreneur, Frank co-founded one of the first streaming media technology companies, MainStream Control, developing video compositing chips for set top boxes and partnering with AMD, Compaq, & Goldstar. Frank has also explored the world of content creation and was Technical Producer/Director for the widely acclaimed Creative Artists Agency (CAA)/Intel Media Lab in Hollywood.

An experienced industry spokesperson, Mr. Schwartz has appeared at dozens of trade shows and conferences, taught seminars at the American Film Institute and the Stanford Graduate School of Engineering, interacted with the press, performed government and standards liaison, and been quoted in numerous articles. He served on the Board of Directors of the Blade Systems Alliance (BladeS), and of the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), founding its interactive television efforts and contributing to a number of ratified technical standards

International Council

Walter Reichert, Chair
Walter Reichert has recently retired after 30+ years at Hewlett-Packard and is the Chair of the International Council. He has been President of their HP International Trade, Inc. subsidiary which included management of HP's International Business center in Palo Alto. Walt returned to HP as a consultant and is currently responsible for developing an e-government strategy for worldwide deployment. During his tenure at HP, Walt was active in opening new HP offices and subsidiaries in emerging economies and developing local partnerships and ventures in those countries. He is a graduate of Stanford University

Edwin Culp
Edwin Culp is a pioneer in UNIX development, telecommunications, Internet R & D, and their application to business in Latin America. A 28-year resident of Veracruz, Mexico, Mr. Culp brings multifaceted, international business, and technical experience to his U.S. based endeavors. He has served on or chaired more than 20 boards of directors across multiple business sectors in Latin America and is an active business consultant with a personal customer base of over 50 national and transnational, Latin companies. Mr. Culp has also founded 5 successful enterprises, three of which are national technological leaders in Mexico. In addition to these successes, he has known the pain--and the gain--of a few less successful businesses. In early 1999, Mr. Culp moved to Silicon Valley and is currently developing new technology ventures that focus 100% on the vast and thriving Latin market and cultures--from Canada to "Tierra de Fuego," tapping his considerable business, technical, and cultural experiences. Among other activities in Silicon Valley, he is a founder of International Angel Investors Institute (IAII) and serves on its Board of Directors, as well as on the Board of International Angels Monterey (AIM). He is also responsible for founding MexComUSA, a company dedicated to research, development, and application of Internet systems and products designed to be used across cultures. Founded in Veracruz, Mexico in 1982, MexCom has since opened offices in Palo Alto, California. Mr. Culp served his country while in Mexico by accepting a State Department appointment as the United States Consular Agent for the State of Veracruz. He continues to be active in Latin American politics. He is an associate of the Silicon Valley World Internet Center.

Stephen Keese
Stephen Keese is a founder of a start up that streams pay-per-view videos over the Internet focused on niche markets. Over the years he has worked at Adobe, Apple, AcrossWorld Communications, and other emerging companies. Stephen founded the Technology for Development Foundation which linked Silicon Valley companies with developing countries and the World Bank and UNDP. Before that he looked for oil off the Amazon, owned a 550-acre farm in Brasil, and was a Peace Corps Volunteer. Stephen has been a director and officer of several non-profits, including the Population Institute, AVSC International, ZPG, NARAL, and NON. His interests include the environment, technology, forestry, public policy, personal growth, and alternate lifestyles.

eBusiness Council

Horst E. Lehrheuer
Horst Lehrheuer has more than twenty years of multi-functional business experience which has resulted in an effective combination of board-of-directors as well as operational experience in general management (CEO/GM), marketing, key account management, operations, and consulting at or for high-tech companies and organizations in the USA and Europe.

Horst gained his expertise working for Fortune 100 as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises and start-ups. Whether as a member of the board, senior executive or management consultant, Horst's focus is on building and developing sustainable businesses in which strategy and execution are inextricable.

Horst founded CommonGoal Consulting in 1998 after returning to the United States from Germany where he held leadership positions as CEO/GM (at a semiconductor as well as surface-acoustic-wave filter company) and division manager (for technical consulting and training at leading European IT-distributor).

Since 1999 Horst has extensively consulted with and supported start-ups. His focus here, but also in working with more established companies, has been on aligning business with technology strategy while paying special attention to eCommerce/eBusiness strategy and Internet/Business model validation. As strategic business consultant at HP Consulting, Horst's charge was to help customers to take advantage of the Internet and new technologies and to transform and thrive in the network economy.

Horst has spoken on topics such as "Crafting E-Business Models – Between Theory and Practice," and was invited to speak at International Conferences in Prague and Berlin as well as at a televised address in Silicon Valley. He holds an MSEE (Diplom-Ingenieur degree) in Computer Science and Industrial Electronics from the University of Paderborn, Germany.

Robert Noakes
With 7 years of experience in electronic marketing, advertising systems, and Internet technology following a 20-year career in Silicon Valley, Robert Noakes adds a key element to the Center's E-Business Council.

Robert, an entrepreneur and consultant to the Internet community for he past 5 years, has a long history of success in the technology marketing and operations arenas. His Internet career began with the vision, planning, funding and launch of the 3Com E-Commerce Web site, followed by consulting activities in the areas of business development, product management, marketing strategy, and on-line merchandising for Global 2000 and start-up clients. Most recently Robert developed a Web Services strategy for France Telecom.

Noakes is the author of a number of business process patents in advertising technology, wireless telecommunications, E-Commerce and interactive TV, and is often called upon to speak on these topics.

Warren D. Raisch
Mr. Raisch has been a visionary entrepreneur working in the global high technology industry for more than 20 years. Currently, Mr. Raisch is the Vice President Americas, Consulting for Interwoven, the leading Enterprise Content Management software company.

Mr. Raisch has led the business development of domestic markets as well as lived and worked in Europe and Asia developing international markets for some of the most innovative companies in the world including Interwoven, Digitas, marchFIRST, Apple Computer, 3Com Corporation, Gateway Computer and as a consultant to AT&T and the Regional Bell Operating Companies. Mr. Raisch also founded a Silicon Valley Internet e-commerce company, WorldCast Networks, Inc., where he was CEO and developed B2B and B2C digital marketplaces Mr. Raisch is a published author on the subject of e-Marketplaces and B2B strategies for success through Mcgraw-Hill Publishing as well as the publisher of eMarkets Today" a syndicated online publication in cooperation with Jupiter Research


Tom Buckholtz
Dr. Tom Buckholtz serves as Executive Vice President, Business Development, for Charlton Innovations, Inc. Prior to joining Charlton Innovations, Tom worked in numerous capacities - executive; organizational development catalyst; work and information systems improver; product and service developer; chief information officer; business, engineering, scientific, and systems software developer; marketing consultant; consulting engagement salesperson and manager; and procurement pioneer. He has worked with large and small organizations in aerospace, computing, business services, defense, education, energy, government, healthcare, high technology, insurance, and telecommunications. Tom a Commissioner in the United States General Services Administration (GSA) and served as GSA's chief information officer (CIO) and co-CIO for the Executive Branch. Tom has also led operations and served as a corporate officer for high-technology start-ups; provided organizational change management consulting services; developed software development techniques and information systems; helped pioneer hand-held computers, automated document libraries, and multi-participant computer-based war games; established a new business practice in the world software marketplace; and conducted scientific research. Tom's book Information Proficiency: Your Key to Information Age provides techniques for and successes at enhancing leadership, decision making, work processes, teamwork, corporate culture, learning, knowledge management, and the contributions of information systems and technologists. Dr. Buckholtz serves on the California Information Technology Commission (which advises the state government's CIO) and the advisory board for the Telecommunications Management and Policy Program, McLaren School of Business, University of San Francisco. Previously, he served as a Professorial Lecturer for George Washington University. His civic contributions include the concepts for the Palos Verdes Estates (California) Shoreline Preserve and Rotary International's Donations-in-Kind Information Network. Tom has given hundreds of presentations, including for the Commonwealth Club of California and Rotary and Kiwanis clubs; published articles in CIO, Computerworld, InformationWEEK, Journal of Systems Management, and scientific journals; and is profiled in Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 1st Edition. As a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, Tom earned a Ph.D. in physics from the University of California, Berkeley. Previously, he received B.S. in mathematics from the California Institute of Technology. He has completed executive business administration programs at Stanford University and the University of Michigan.

Robert Cooper
Robert K. Cooper is an advisor to organizational leaders and an independent scholar who has spent more than two decades researching leadership, innovation, and personal and interpersonal effectiveness under pressure. Cooper is also recognized for his pioneering work on the practical application of emotional intelligence in leadership and organizations. Cooper has lectured at more than twenty leading universities and business schools in the U.S. and Europe and the Masters Forum: Foundations for Leadership. He is recognized for his pioneering work advancing e-business by linking human capacity to shareholder value. Cooper is an international best-selling author whose books include Executive EQ: Emotional Intelligence in Leadership & Organizations; The Performance Edge: New Strategies to Maximize Your Work Effectiveness and Competitive Advantage; and 21st Century Leadership. Dr. Cooper serves as leadership advisor and consultant to such organizations as KPMG, 3M, and Ford Motor Company. He has designed and presented leadership development and professional education programs for prominent organizations in the U.S. and Europe. These include: 3M, Arthur Andersen, Ford Motor Company, Qualcomm, KPMG, Sun Microsystems, Marriott Worldwide, Fireman's Fund Insurance, Deloitte Consulting, AT&T, Northwestern Mutual Life, Coca-Cola, Novartis, ACNielsen, PepsiCo, Motorola, Cargill, SmithKline Beecham, Analog Devices, Ball Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Government Training Services, North Memorial Health Care, MenTTium, Pinkerton Security, and Hyatt Corporation. His programs have also reached hundreds of health care institutions, government agencies, educational organizations, and communities. Beyond his corporate work, Cooper's background includes a decade of study on stress dynamics, change management, health sciences and psychology, and he has earned instructor-level certifications from several prominent preventive medicine institutions. An All-America athlete, he is recipient of the University of Michigan's Honor Trophy Award for "outstanding achievement in scholarship, athletics, and leadership." He serves as Chair of Advanced Excellence Systems, a leadership consulting firm, and as Chair of the Board at Q-Metrics, a research firm dedicated to measuring and developing team and organizational performance.

Bob Glass
Dr. Glass is recognized as a leading technical entrepreneur in Silicon Valley and is frequently called upon as an advisor. As the leading technologist at Sun, be became one of the main spokespersons for the firm, and is still a much sought-after keynote speaker at conferences around the world, as well as civic organizations such as the Rotary Club. His work has been highlighted on NPR and in the international press numerous times and he is considered one of the "usual suspects" by technology journalists seeking an informed point of view. As an inventor he holds 13 U.S. and International Patents jointly with Bruce Tognazzini and Dr. Jakob Nielsen, and is the author of more than a dozen research papers on electro-optics and human vision. He previously served with the National Academy of Science as a postdoctoral advisor and committee member and as an advisor to MIT and Georgia Tech. He is currently an advisory board member of Syracuse University's School of Information Studies and a Fellow of the Silicon Valley World Internet Center. He is a frequent guest of the government as a reviewer for the National Institute of Standards and Technology's (NIST) Advanced Technology Program and government conferences on building high tech start-ups.

Charlie Pfefferkorn
Dr. Charles Pfefferkorn is a Visiting Fellow at the Center. He brings a wealth of industrial and academic experience to the Center. His interests include artificial intelligence, image processing, geographic information systems, database management systems, on-line transaction processing and now the Internet. Dr. Pfefferkorn has over 20 years of experience in Silicon Valley in various technical, managerial, and consulting positions. He has worked at large companies (TRW and Fujitsu), small companies (Evans & Sutherland, TDC, and Carnegie Group Inc.) and as an independent consultant. Before coming to Silicon Valley, he was an Assistant Professor at Purdue University. Dr. Pfefferkorn received his B.S. in Physics and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie-Mellon University. He is active in various professional organizations, such as Software Forum (SEF), Association of Computing Machinery (ACM), and Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He is the Treasurer and a Member of the Board of Directors of the Software Forum and founded the Software Forum International Software Special Interest Group.

Sally Richards
Sally Richards is enjoying a varied and intriguing career. Her interests stem from the root of writing: words, and all the places they take her. Fascinated with communication through media and global networks, she strives to reach the masses each day with content. Sally, a journalist and author of 19 years, has seen a lot of technology come and go, and loves chronicling its passages and finding those on the bleeding edge of its future. When not working on her next book, Sally spends much of her time these days speaking about the future of the Internet for organizations and companies throughout the world as she balances her G-3 laptop on her knees and tacks on frequent flier miles. Sally is the author of FutureNet (Wiley, 2002), Inside Business Incubators & Corporate Ventures (Wiley, 2001), Dot-com Success! Surviving the Fallout & Consolidation (Sybex, 2001), Sand Dreams & Silicon Orchards (Heritage, 2000). She often consults to technology companies about their business models, IT infrastructures and teams. She sits on the boards of several startups where she brings value as an advisor and catalyst. Sally longs for the day when her head is cracked open and a beautiful little chip is placed inside so all she'll have to do is close her eyes for total connectivity. That day will come in the not so distant future (relatively speaking).

Horst Salzwedel
Dr. Horst Salzwedel is currently an Architect with the Wireless and Multi-media Design Group at Cadence Design Systems, Inc. In that capacity he has developed computer-aided engineering software system for design and analysis of satellite and mobile communications systems. He consults on mobile satellite communication systems. He has been with Cadence since 1992. Since 1994 Dr. Salzwedel is also a Professor in System Theory and Mobile/Satellite Communications at the Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany. His research areas include:

  • Software system design for system level design automation (SDA)
  • Global mobile/satellite communication systems: design software, optimization, interference minimization, handover between mobile and satellite communication systems, high bandwidth mobile/satellite communications.
  • Automated global astronomy: hardware implementation of real time object identification and compression software, real time satellite communications.
  • Integrated communication and control systems.
  • High precision satellite based navigation.

Dr. Salzwedel is also Head of Research for SatLab, LLC, a company specializing in systems design tools. From 1978-92 he was a Senior Research Engineer as Systems Control Technology, Inc. He has also been a lecturer and consulting professor at Stanford University. Dr. Salzwedel holds a Ph.D. in Aeronautical and Astronautical Sciences from Stanford University and a M.S. in Aero- and Astronautics from the Technical University of Munich.